Convoy protests: Here’s what downtown Ottawa looks like now

Convoy protests: Here's what downtown Ottawa looks like now 1


  1. Stand for the Charter of Rights & the Right to speak or stand for nothing. It’s your choice. Today.

    1. Did you go down and put your livelihood on the line for nothing or you just flapping your gums like most here?

  2. The Police did a better job of shutting down Ottawa than the Truckers Convoy did!! Lol
    What will happen when the trucks are parked? Just Curious.

    1. You realize that this is a very small group of truckers.. so I guess they will not get paid if they stay home same as if you did it

    2. @American Patriot 🇺🇸 JT gave the government the legal right to seize all property and money of all Canadians

    1. @Norm L A judge had already ruled it a legal protest which is why it was continuing, minus the disruptive honking. The right to peaceful protest is in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is a price we willingly pay (well not you apparently) to be a free democratic society. Trudeau enacted the Emergency measures act so he could “shred” the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms and declare the protest illegal and bring in the riot police. You don’t care about due process and rights of course because its someone else’s grievance not yours.

    1. @Iris I’m sure the residents of Ottawa are thinking “if only we had those hick truckers back having their parties, honking their horns, shooting off fireworks and polluting the air with their trucks.. so much fun!” 🙄 You’re delusional

    2. @Iris I guess you are unfamiliar with the area. Lots of apartment complexes and homes around the capital center. Bet you wouldn’t like that kind of disruption either. The diesel fuel fumes are toxic and can cause many health issues including cancer.

  3. Not sure about you guys/gals but I am grateful that the hard working Canadian police men and women dismantled the unlawful protests and returned the streets of Ottawa to it’s residents.

    1. Hey reject, what papers you talking about? The same ones your mommy gave to your school when you attended, is that the papers you mean?

  4. I had to go through two check points coming home from work today and they we’re bullies I live in Ottowa this is much worse than the truckers.

    1. Strange that someone can’t even correctly spell the name of the city they live in. You’d better do another edit to correct that. Hahaha

  5. It’s amazing what a great job Trudeau and the police accomplished in clearing out the right wing antivaxxer/antimandater Karen Convoyers, thus re-civilizing vital Canadian roadways for the enjoyment of regular citizens and tourists.

    1. @Raymond Ritchie we voted 5 months ago.. I’m not pleased with my provincial government in Alberta, but wouldn’t assume an accelerated election date because I don’t like their governance

  6. I know this is an English speaking broadcast, but I really do prefer the way the French say parliament. Not sure if there’s anything you can do about that, but..

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