Cooper reacts to being targeted by QAnon conspiracy theorists

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks to a QAnon conspiracy theorist who messaged him that he would be publicly executed.

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  1. How did the country get this low; how can America’s standing in the world ever be taken seriously after this? This is beyond embarrassing.

    1. @Barbara Ferrara it’s done on purpose so history can repeat itself. If things are predictable it is more profitable as people know what will happen. Ever see Bill Gates smirking his a** off about how he predicted this pandemic would happen? If you don’t know history how can you avoid making mistakes and not repeat it. Mindless puppet simply follow trends like sheep. People need to develop a sense of self and be motivated to learn on their own. When people learn to become self sufficient then things might change.

    2. We all know drugs have been rampid in the US for years. These are the idiots trying to make people believe that what they are doing is justified. They lack good judgement and rationality.

    3. @Serenite Eridite don’t be confused it it’s only a leftist issue. Republicans in there 40 year plan have found a way to become a single party presence in so many different states. Let’s take Texas for an example. They don’t want the government to be involved in almost anything they do there until they have a disaster and they need Federal help.

    4. @Mickey Mouse Trump is a version of about 35% of this nation, not even close to the majority. Like terrorist in other countries are not the majority of their nation.

    5. @David Jackson Courthouses have documents that are public property, the public can see those–marriages, divorces, births, deaths, land documents, bankruptcies, etc. If you want to see those, you can go to the courthouse where the paperwork was filed, go to their records room, sign your name and sometimes your purpose, then stand there & search until you find it. Documents with certain information, like social security numbers, are sometimes not available and sometimes that information is blacked out.

      For example, the documents, signed by Donald Trump, of the multiple times he filed bankruptcy and the people that sued him so he would pay them for the work they already did. You could go to the courthouse and see those documents yourself because they are public. They have been uploaded by the courthouse where they were filed and are now available in “the cloud” storage on the internet, too.

      This is the kind of thing that the NY Times and other large media corporations do. They have a lot of money, so they have researchers on staff that go to those courthouses and get these records. To inform the public of what our leaders are doing behind everyone’s backs.

      The NY Times has been around since about 1885. They will be around long after all of us are dust in the wind. They aren’t going to ruin their whole business that’s lasted 140+ years by putting out fake or misleading information over one person that lasted 4 years and is an a departure from the norm. They have lasted this long because they report the facts of what is going on in our nation (& world) at the current time.

      I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there has been investigations into Q-Anon and they know that it was started from someone in Asia. Who in Asia would even know what is going on in the United States government?

      Side note: Anyone worth having a conversation with is going to read what you write–please turn off your caps.

  2. Those people are a joke. That’s Not even remotely funny. It’s like they drank the Jim Jones juice… and didn’t die

    1. Yes , this is insane and thats putting it in words i cant say on here. These people need to be locked up put away for ever. Their out of this world and beyound God only knows.

  3. publicly executed, isn’t that what isis does? why can’t those people realize that they’ve been brain-washed.

    1. Have you ever met a person who is a Christian Biblical literalist who also thinks they are brainwashed?
      Many are, and many are not, but the ones that are certainly cannot step outside their beliefs enough to see that they are the product not of truth, but of indoctrination.

  4. This crap is getting way out of hand. How that lunatic said they should be executed without any compunction!

    1. Probably still trying to pay for their hotel rooms that Trump made them pay for.
      If I were president, I would treat my bodyguards with more respect.

  5. Clearly this man isn’t well. He sticks out his tongue, seems like he is having other conversations in his head or is just paranoid schizophrenic. Too many on the fringe have been given a voice. Mental health reform is critically needed.

    1. @Belle Anderson if you’re a fortune teller you’re pretty shity at it I’ve never even followed Q I follow common sense.

  6. “Kill people by public executions to end evil.” Does he not get killing people for made up charges is evil?

    1. @TheFirstHurrah well said. My dad is a republican. He’s a normal guy, he’s a Vietnam veteran, he worked in a factory his whole life, is of normal intelligence, and he supported Trump… until January 6th. Then he finally saw who 45 really is. That’s the kind of person most republicans are.

    2. @mjc 427 you’re the one without critical thinking who believes whatever Anderson tells you to. You follow like a sheep and are clueless and have done zero research. Have zero facts yourself. We’re not what you say we are you’re what you say we are.

    3. @KimShea22 maybe have him checked for not being loyal because we were waiting for the decision from Congress and Pence and this was staged to look like Q followers. We’re all Christians not fucking Shamen who eat vegetables only wtf

  7. It’s not even a conspiracy theory with this guy. This man is CRIMINALLY INSANE in the M_____R F____G MEMBRANE!

    1. @1992TheDiamondWolf I could careless about cnn personally I don’t need them to show me that a cult attempted to overthrow the government for a sore loser that fed them lies!!!


    3. Yeah exactly. BLM and the Antifa SS squads need to be prosecuted. The SS is for ‘Super Spreaders’

  8. This guy who denies he follows “Q” conspiracies sounds like he’s a few letters short of an alphabet….

    1. @Mr M No they don’t. They only claim to. They know we’re smarter than they are, that’s why they lie constantly about everything, like you’re doing here, watching a CNN video…

      Goddamn just fucking stupid. America should outlaw this cretinous horseshit.

  9. How’s that man free? He at least needs mental health counseling. However, he is threatening violence to multiple people. Is there no consequence?

    1. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes Obama has been declared the most popular president in the history of the United States dumbass

    2. @Gail Coleman exactly Obama and Hillary Clinton ever done a goddamn thing it’s not their fault three or four dumbasses from the CIA that they would deny existence about it they were captured and held as prisoner over there and Benghazi but that wherever they’re trying to play Rambo for the CIA and got their asses killed I have no sympathy for their stupid asses they could have walked away at any point from that operation

  10. So why talk about them. Every single prediction that they have made is ludicrous and unbelievable and yet here is CNN continuing to spread their message.

    1. Yes, Donald Trump & all of his cult members definitely should be locked up until they can be properly deprogrammed.

    2. @John Brennan yes Hillary Clinton, obama and pelosi and all cnn cultists should be executed or thrown in jail

    3. Yes, I agree about holding him checking him out, is he an actual threat or trying to get some attention.

      “Do you feel like your going to cause harm to yourself or someone else? “. Gets reported to the authorities and a 72 hour review in a psychiatric ward or has Trump been President changed that too? This is not normal.

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