Beijing’s plans for Hong Kong could end city’s opposition

Members of China's political elite preparing for an annual summit in Beijing have their sights set on Hong Kong.

At the opening of the two sessions — the twin meetings of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee (CPPCC) and the National People's Congress (NPC) — Thursday, Zhang Yesui, the NPC spokesman, said recent unrest in Hong Kong "showed that the electoral system needs to be improved" in order to ensure "patriots govern."

Speaking March 5, Wang Chen, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, said changes would affect both the Legislative Council, Hong Kong's already only semi-democratic parliament, and how the city chooses its chief executive. The Election Committee, a Beijing-dominated body which currently chooses Hong Kong's leader, will be expanded, likely diluting the influence of any pro-democracy members, and will also be given the power to nominate all candidates for the legislature, as well as "electing a relatively large share of Legislative Council members," Wang said.

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  1. After the current leader, maybe Piglet or Eeyore could take the lead. They’ve always been favorites.

    1. @Kevin Tewey Your fighting against corporate propaganda by defending a nation that funds those same corporations to do business in Chinese jurisdiction? Ape brain big strong with this one.

    1. Funny how it seems the only deaths we have worth mentioning are covid deaths( and they lump many into that column, including all the deaths from other issues because the infection weakened their system’s ability to stay in front of the already existing issues.)

    2. Millions of death could be prevented by wearing mask. You sound like ur country has no responsibility toward those who died.

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    1. @Mark Simpson shhhh CNN viewers don’t like facts and PLE’s

    2. Chili Lucas yep totally they committed high treason those violent secessionists deserve to rot in jail

    1. US hates Muslims
      US hates Chinese
      But US really loves Chinese Muslims in Xinjiang. LOL
      WMD lies
      Nayirah lies
      US has a pattern of lying to the US people to trick them into supporting wars. Wake up. Zero proof has been shown so far.

  3. The majority is saying stop trying to control us so bejing said we’re going to make it harder for you to tell us to stop trying to control you… So it’ll be less difficult to control you…

    1. @Brother Zachary Jongejan I have an update for you. Religion is finally bleeding to death and you are just a vestige of humanity’s stupidity. I would tell you to go find a more effective way to push your unsalvageable narrative but when you’re that “saved” and have that much Jesus shoved into all of your orifices I suppose there’s ‘no more room for good information especially in whatever’s left of your 🧠 🤦🏽‍♂️ amirite?🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. America should mind your own business. The world’s simply ha t e America war – busy – body in every countries internal affairs. China is doing a much better job everyday compare to America now…

    2. @BJ Rosen Should learn from what US has done – killing innocent civilians around the world using drones or missiles. For those killed, where are their human rights? What do they have to do with US? We do have elections here in states, still George Floyd (and many blacks) can’t breathe.

  4. “Opposition”, lol. They’re trying to make it look like they’re the aggressors and the bad guys for fighting tyranny.

    1. @KELLI KELLI yeah it’s a common tactic among fascist and tyrants alike.
      yes I use the term fascist on purpose. You right wing nut bags are no better.

    1. US elections are a joke… A mummy and a loud mouth orange were the best that the parties could come up with

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