1. @Frank Harris Why would you say that about her when she is rolling out the tape on the way those Republicans are showing you and everyone else how Spineless and Pathetic they are for not being able to stand up for themselves.

    2. @Joyce Overstreet She sure is good at rolling. In fact she could be a rolly polly. But it would be better if she would talk about you DEMONcRATS killing babies and abusing kids as everyone knows. If she gets tired she can take a break and go out for a ROLL.

    3. @Frank HarrisYour words tell us everything we need to know. And you are less acquainted with truth, than trump with a salad, or, sense.

    4. @Frank Harris Yes he wish it was barack obama sitting down on that chair facing him. Unfortunately clint eastwood will never ever get a chance to tell barack obama to face.

    1. Pres.Trump is the man. Notice how Putin RE STARTED his pipeline into Germany the day after Creepy Joe took office? Creepy Joe is Putins little B—h and Putin thanks you for your vote!!!

    2. @David Eby Europe was going to buy Russian gas with or without US approval , just far cheaper than buying US gas

  1. He is the perfect representative of who republicans are. Enjoy the golden calf. You know the one made in china.

    1. @AnotherFastnet70 What’s funny is you all want to say I’m clueless or stupid or whatever but can’t come up with a fact driven debate because you can’t because I am right

    2. @OverlandMD B explain to everybody how bringing manufacturing back to the USA is going to be better for citizens of the USA. Consumers (ie YOU) will be forced to pay more for locally produced goods as the cost of producing these goods ( ie wages) will be much higher in the USA than in Asian countries. The only way the cost of locally produced goods can compete with Asian produced goods is to slash wages. How many workers want that ?

    3. @AnotherFastnet70 So this thinking is completely wrong if we look anytime in history in the United States this is not true locally produce good might be slightly higher than goods from China but Americans would be making more money and the country as a whole would be selling goods to the whole world which would increase wages we seen this after world war 2 up until the late 70s

    4. @OverlandMD B history has changed whether you like it or not. Samsung or LG or Sony can produce a TV for a fraction of the cost in an Asian country such as Vietnam, Thailand or India. These countries are ‘tooled up’ to produce these quality goods today whereas 70 years ago they were not. How many consumers are willing to pay $1,500 for their locally manufactured TV against $1000 for their imported TV which will be the same product. Not many is your answer. Not in the USA or in other countries around the world. Would you prefer to pay $30,000 or $20,000 for the exact same car with the same badge on it ?

  2. Imagine still backing someone who attacked our iwn government. I feel like im in a different dimension. How is he and anyone who stood by him still taken seriously? This is such a joke, our country had obviously failed. It doesn’t work for the majority of Americans.

    1. Things like this never happened years ago. A psycho President like Donald Trump would have already been assassinated for making America worse, not better again.

    2. RDF Inner, I’m watching all this in amazement from Spain. How people can be so ridiculously transparent and keep on standing up in front of people with no apparent shame, well it’s just incredible.
      And it’s all so simple. Just look after the working people properly and everyone will be happy without all this silly crap. Why can people not want to do this?

    1. Yup back in those days Biden would have been taken out by a crowd with torches and pitch forks and the election re done FAIRLY, you know, like they do in Afghanistan , 1 person 1 vote.

    2. @Frank Harris the alternative facts of the Republicans are a mirror image of reality. Right now Republicans are doing everything that they can to block aid for American citizens who are struggling through no fault of their own.
      So Republicans deny that there is a pandemic. They deny that over half million people have died after Trump said cases would magically go away. I’m sure that Q and Trump will let you know what your reality is.

    3. @Frank Harris an open mind could help to form an opinion which is not fired by fascist ideas… I feel very sorry for you

  3. we need more of these videos to show people that these politicians are not who they say they are..

    1. The problem is that those who would believe it already know it, and those who don’t know it will never believe it.

    2. The ones who need it the most, live in an alternate reality create by a white supremacist imagination of America.

  4. Are these people for real, I mean they all look so stupid, how embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️


    1. @Erick Borling Underneath, Ten stories deep. Can’t face the light of day. Nehemiah will rise.

  5. Dann I’m really proud to be a woman when I watch Keilar. Thank God for women like her.
    She is smart and has courage to say what’s real and didn’t cave.
    We need more women like her ❤



  6. Yes, they need a big tent – with locked doors, barred windows, daily meds, and behavioral modification therapy.

    1. Personally, I cannot see this republican group in the house and senate, human. None have a mind of their own. Or don’t show it. U can’t tell me 50 Senator’s and a couple hundred house reps all have the exact same thoughts on everything. But they are so afraid they may lose their cushy jobs and have to actually go to work, they’ll sit together like lemming, and say and do the exact same thing as whomever leads them says to. In this case DjT, probably.

    2. ​@Peter Ford I would say that applies to the democrats more than republicans. Take the impeachment trial against Trump for example. The supreme court chief justice didn’t even preside over the case because he didn’t think it was constitutional, but 50 out of 50 democrat senators voted that it was constitutional because clearly they all know better than a supreme court chief justice what is or isn’t constitutional. Republicans were split on the issue. Most agreed with Justice Roberts, but a handful voted with the democrats.

    3. @Peter Ford yep, that’s it, their afraid. The ones that have scruples feel that they have no choice but to be part of this insanity just to keep their party alive. They have a bunch of morons for constituents who constitute a major base for them, and they stand out , they are loud as they are dangerous. If you don’t show loyalty to the cause you may find yourself a target for their anger.
      This is how a fascist government can get started.

    4. @Peter Ford The party of the republican voters is Trump’s America First agenda. Where $2000 stimulus checks for the American people would be passed without hesitation, but billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that have no tangible benefit to America get opposed. That isn’t really what most of the republicans who are in office including Mitch are about right now. Even if republicans don’t win overall in 2022, I expect that a lot of establishment cronies are going to be replaced with new blood.

    1. @miapdx Oh it was before the Orange Turd, it was letting the Tea party take over the Republican party that everything started going downhill.

    2. @Bec Thumma but trump did more damage in four years than Reagan and both Bushes put together! He really has them looking entirely stupid! 😂🤡

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