Coronavirus Cases Hit A Seven-Month Low In The U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Coronavirus Cases Hit A Seven-Month Low In The U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. Everyone will die eventually. A little less than 1 of of 10,000,000 potential to be a corpse, I rather take my jabs!

    2. @The Return & The Arrival Will Eliminate Evilness but a 1/10 chance of getting covid, which almost always causes some sort of organ damage, to varying degrees of severity. Covid will be a preexisting condition one day, mark my words.

  1. It’s great to have good news for a change. Thank you to all the Medical staff that made this happen! 🌼 💐 🌹

    1. @No Show Joe Needing to spin Biden’s successes into failures in order to neutralize the deplorable (yeah, I’m borrowing from Clinton) Covid response of Biden’s predecessor, is desperate and it sure doesn’t reflect an ounce of confidence in that former what’s-his-name.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas What success? Removing a pipeline so thousands of people become un employed and oil now can be carried around in thousands of semi trucks? Putting gas prices through the roof? Printing out money and raising the inflation rate substantially? Creating a mess at the borders and having disgusting conditions in the migrant facilities? Ruining women’s sports? I could go on and on. Meanwhile Trump had the best economy ever, created so many jobs and did so much for the average worker, created huge peace deals over seas, and was the man of the people. Just look at his votes, he even smashed Obama’s voting record. Your “president” is a fraud. A puppet who can’t read off a teleprompter. A pathetic fool who can’t hold a press conference for over 100 days because they’re too afraid he can’t speak coherently to the public. Get a grip and stop pretending this man is capable of running a country.

    3. @No Show Joe Take your time. You have four years to go on and on. Voters disagree with you as they resolved they had no intention of trusting Trump with another four years.

  2. This is what happens when you put country above self-interest, politics and greed. Thanks President Joe Biden!

  3. The microchip from my second Pfizer vaccine’s working just fine.. I’m getting free Wi-Fi in my head, Wohoo!!!😁

    1. I get all the premium movie and sports channels for free! Kicked in same night of second dose!

  4. America would be well over a million lost by this time if we hadn’t voted competence back into the White House. President Biden, thank you!

    1. And thank you for the adult diapers and teleprompter so our “adults” can read a sentence!!!

    2. @No Show Joe we know tRump wears diapers, Ivanka admitted to having to change them. No need for teleprompter with tRump ..he couldn’t read 😂

  5. My medium sized city just slipped below 200 cases a day, but that, like 40,000 US cases a day with no word on vaccine effectiveness on the Brazilian and Indian variants, is still way too many. I’ll keep wearing my mask and staying away from restaurants and gyms for the foreseeable future, despite being fully vaccinated.

  6. Thank goodness for warmer weather. People can get healthy again and go outside where the air is cleaner.

    1. Thank goodness for warmer weather, did you watch the video? Thank god for effective vaccines, we had warm weather last year and we still lost over half a million people.

    1. @Ben Maxson because they are conditioned to hearing bad news all the time. Good news make them cringe

  7. Gonna get my second shot in about a week and a half! Glad I’ll be vaccinated and doin my part in protectin my family and friends

    1. in what way does the fact that you got vaccinated protect anyone?
      if you don’t know: you can still get covid19 after vaccination.
      at the moment hospitals are seeing more and more patients that have been vaccinated.
      and the percentage of patients that die in the icu is going up…

    2. @jan van ruth cause i still follow guidelines? Masks, sanitation, 6 feet, etc. Havin the vaccine completed with my second shot brings me a step closer to doin my part in helping to fight this pandemic

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