Coronavirus Causing Strain On Louisiana Health system 1

Coronavirus Causing Strain On Louisiana Health system


Warner Thomas, President and CEO of Ochsner Health in Louisiana, joins Morning Joe to discuss how the coronavirus is impacting the region.

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Coronavirus Causing Strain On Louisiana Health system


    1. @Wisconsin Man
      Because they’re vaccinated, Iceland has had 1 death since May, since most people have only mild symptoms. Guess you missed that in your research.

    2. @Kevin Skiles Like Australia had 1 death of an 83 year old so SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN, right? Guess who else has mild symptoms? over 98% of people who “maybe” got the Wuhan. 19 months ago, 15 months ago or last week. 3% of the U.S. population has a compromised immune system. Thats about 9 Million. Why have we never heard of the “625k deaths” health history? Why did they count people already in Hospice from OTHER ailments, as a Covid death if they tested positive? Or even suicide. Car wrecks. Heart attacks, Strokes, the ACTUAL FLU?

  1. Southern state #7: Yeeeep, beds are almost full. Masks and vaccines? Nah, we’re driving straight off the cliff LOLZ. BTW we’re closed in 2 weeks.

    1. @Kevin Skiles You could argue that locking up for life has a limited benefit side to dealing with those who do not choose to vaccinate, so why not?

    2. @Peter Bills I do think that the vaccinated should receive priority over the unvaccinated when traveling to hospital 100%. They don’t believe in the science of the vaccine, but go to the ER to get saved after getting it? Nope send them home to take care of themselves no reason to overload our hospitals or the Staff.

    3. @Bought andpaidfor Should we draw any distinctions between the vaccinated and non vaccinated? For instance, there are some required to be vaccinated to retain their jobs, while others are not. Should the vaccinated that adopted the mandate early be given priority over those who were hesistant but later received the vaccine?

  2. The politician’s must listen to the Doctors and medical administrators who are on the ground where it’s a reality of life. And stop making this a political issue because it’s not. It’s not OK to continue unvaccinated and please, please at least wear a and wash your hands.

    1. Masks are overrated. Think scientifically. Distance matters, forego optional social contact in general. There are no doctors that are experts on mask impact in public, farce. Much less on risk/reward of mandates, ie force. Sure if I am sitting on a plane, a mask seems relatively more reasonable, but I doubt it massively changes the risk level. Number one face forward and minimum talking/singing/shouting

    2. @Sandi Harris N95 masks are 90% plus effective. Regular surgical masks give wearer a 20% edge I believe. But that’s not the point. Masks minimize the spread of the virus.

    3. @Fletcher Christian 20 percent edge is unscientific by definition. Think about it, in real life you want a 20 percent edge?, not me distance is the way to go and then ivermectin? vitamin d? Negative edge wearing a mask as you run down an empty street

    4. @Sandi Harris hey whatever floats your boat…I’m all for distance. I can’t stand phone zombies pre pandemic running into me. In fact I can’t stand people period so I’m all for distance as much as I can get it. GL and take care.

    5. Worry about urself we nurses worked unvaxxed the whole time. Take care of ur own families take them home with you

  3. And the overworked overwhelmed exhausted healthcare workers have to deal with people who call them liars even after testing positive. Like there could be such a widespread conspiracy without it being inarguably blown.

    1. Maybe so, but there are few saints in life, “voter id is racist” an insult is what that is, all elections should have voter id

    1. @DNDaudio Editing OK, Mr. Editing, let’s start with your original 13 word post: The contraction of “we are” is “we’re” not “were”. After the word “idiots”, you should use either a comma, a semicolon, or a period. Perhaps you intended to say “owning the libs” rather than “owing the libs”. See what I mean, sir? – I’m not interested in owning you – but your insult called for a reply. p.s. Let me know if you need help editing your answers as well.

  4. When it comes to people with covid infections waiting to get in the hospital, anyone that has been vaccinated should move to the front of the line. And hospitals should be able to reserve the right to refuse service to anyone unvaccinated. Do you think this would erupt school board meetings????

    1. @Peter Bills You are wrong on pretty much everything. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting the virus. It makes the infection much less severe and easier for your body to fight. The vaccine clearly works since over 90% of currently hospitalized patients and over 90% of recent deaths are in the unvaccinated. Current data shows that the vaccine may be less effective over time so a third dose may be needed. (It is common in vaccines to need a third dose just like the Hepatitis vaccine.)

    2. Having worked in the medical field for many years.I can assure you that people who followed the advice of the medical professionals will get better care than those who flouted previous medical recommendations.

    3. @Akira “It makes the infection much less severe and easier for your body to fight.”
      Then why would OP @vertigo be advocating for the vaccinated to be given priority? If they experience lesser symptoms why do they need to go to or be admitted to the hospital? It makes no sense.

    4. @Denise Hall You sound sort of reasonable, but beneath the surface not trying ivermectin, not wanting to deal or acknowledge possible vaccine injuries

    5. So the ones vaccinated are better then others?? That is False everyone is equal! This misinformation behind the virus, and this vaccine needs to stop!!!!!! It’s not to be made political, about race, or other reasons! There has been way to much bad information brought out it is now creating a divide amongst people and affecting someone’s choice over health fear and misinformation!! Soon we all will have to ask if it’s ok to do something because the fear over all the messed up information put out there!!! People should not be mandated and forced to make a choice because of all this wrong and messed up information!!! This is and will get bigger then what it should be because of this!

    1. The misinformation behind the vaccine and virus is the problem!!!!! Making the vaccine and virus political or about race or other reasons is the problem!!! Making health care apart of misinformation is the problem!!! Mandating means no choice! Once choice is taken away from healthcare where will it stop? Soon we will have to ask to do anything and why? The misinformation put out!!!!! Fear pushes this as well!!! Now people are divided due to how they put out information!

    1. The actual figure is likely around 1m, according to several peer reviewed papers. Maybe 850-875k at the lowest.

    2. We have no idea the number of deaths from COVID-19 in China because they are keeping that quiet. We do know that the new variant has drastically impacted China.

  5. The plight of yet another “red” state, denying medical science, refusing vaccination and condemning those who are vaccinated, labeling them as “carriers of Delta”…
    The citizens of this state voted for Trump and the state Republican government and the majority of those citizens refused to get vaccinated…
    Education, or the lack thereof may be the real issue. “Stupid” makes poor judgments and creates problems rather than solving them.

    1. @Dock Newton Those who refused to get vaccinated and who are now rushing to and overwhelming the very health system they decried are not all persons of color. A great many of them are members of the Caucasian persuasion…

      I do not hate anyone and pray for the welfare and well being, as well as the salvation of all souls.

      I greatly dislike deliberate stupidity especially when it causes people to spread obvious lies, distortions, misinformation and conspiracy theories. I dislike it when said stupidity causes them to follow “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who pander to hate, discrimination and the violent nature of others.

      One must wonder why so many persons in southern states have abandoned critical thinking and proudly parade their deliberate stupidity….and then condemn others who do not agree with them…?…as you seem to be doing.

      God bless.

  6. Monday:Covid crashed through the hospital and thousands died in LA. And why can’t we be intelligent? Send the kids to school Monday and Thursday, have one or two video sessions in between to help with the work and that’s that. If kids at middle school age are totally incapable of self-study, the PARENTS have failed.

  7. Texas and Florida are both “stand your ground” states.
    I’m hoping for an appropriate response from a parent who gets his or her mask ripped off.

  8. You know how in medieval times, there are those cartful of dead plague infested bodies?
    Welp, now we have frozen storage trucks sitting behind hospitals, filling up with delta Wuhan plague. Truckloads.

  9. I hope children are taught in school how republican methods killed kids during the covid pandemic and remember it when they are voting age!

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