GOP Congressman Slammed For Statement About Bomb Threat Suspect 1

GOP Congressman Slammed For Statement About Bomb Threat Suspect

House members criticized Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., after he released a statement Thursday that appeared to be sympathetic to the man police had arrested earlier in the day in connection with a bomb threat near the U.S. Capitol.

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GOP Congressman Slammed For Statement About Bomb Threat Suspect


    1. It’s hard to be a bigger coward than Trump Jr and Sr – who both said they would march with the mob to the Capital, but instead got into bulletproof cars and went to watch it all (while grinning, probably) on TV. Trumps don’t lead from behind, …they’re too cowardly to lead at all. Poor Barron, ….having those cowards as father and step-brother.

    2. @Ken Albertsen are you sure though trump tried to get eveything he promised unlike Obama who punked out and gave us romney care .all three branches and the best he got was ronney care after deleting romney on healthcare? Define coward

    1. Hey is this a conversation about the Middle East or one about domestic terrorism in the US? Depending on who you ask, the answer is either “domestic right wing extremism” or “BUT WHAT ABOUT!!!!!”

    2. @glutface——here’s ur solidity…..the Democrat 3 Stoooges—-> Biden, Austin, Milley, GAVE TALIBAN TERRORISTS 100s OF BILLIONS N US ARMAMENTS WHICH WILL REALLY B USED TO COME AFTER YOU!!!!!!!!

    3. @solkev6084 vaccines don’t cause variants, virus mutating when it reproduces is how variants are created.. Btw you are – you’re, possessive form of you – your.

      Btw good way to divert attention from a subject by throwing different whataboutisms on dozen different topics. Like the idiotic lie that the election was “stolen”.. “where’s the proof that it wasn’t” – we believe something is true so it must be and it is the opposites job to disprove my claim. No it ain’t. Either you’re a troll or just lazy.

    4. @solkev6084Making false accounts on social media sites with the intent on affecting the vote through disinformation as the Russians did in 2016 and 2020 is not the same thing as hacking the election or the voting machines. You either don’t know what you’re talking about and or are a liar. I suspect you are both.

  1. He didn’t condemn MTG or anyone else who has spoken like this or worse, why would he say anything about Mo? I’m sure McCarthy is proud of his party..

    1. McCarthy is a supporter of domestic terrorists apparently as he has not done anything to save democracy!

    1. We’ve seen unarmed black men killed by cops, but this guy threatens to blow up a building and he’s allowed the privilege of being arrested-and he’ll probably get a good lawyer.

    2. @free2express08 really?! We’ve also seen white men killed by cops…what’s your point? You know what this guy did differently than 99% of those that have been killed? He obeyed their orders and didn’t fight them Stop with the racebaiting! It’s really getting old!

  2. Hmm… “After hours of standoff, Took him into jail without incident” Imagine if you will that nut was a black man? He would not have made it five minutes..

    1. Yea it is…the only thing remotely close to being a coordinated attack was 5% of the incident. The report mentioned The Oathkeepers and Proud Boyz and even then they had little evidence to proove what their intentions were when they entered the Capitol

  3. Why Brooks(along with Gatez, Taylor-Greene, Boebart) are still in office? They need to be kick out immediately.

    1. In most countries, in most times, the lot of them would have found themselves hanging from lamp posts by now.

  4. Maybe he chose FB, because Fox wouldn’t give him the air time on such short notice, but I bet Fox is giving this air now.

    1. @Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman Well fox news turns their comment sections off. They don’t want anyone interrupting the propaganda they push on people. No other opinions allowed unless they are from Trump people.

    2. @solkev6084 Apparently, you know nothing about the actual “deal” Trump made. Not saying that’s your fault, you were obviously misled.

  5. These fools have whacked view of what patriotism is, since when did attacking the government become patriotic?

  6. The man in the black pickup truck appeared angry, confused and detached from reality. Congressman Brooks quickly recognized him as the type of American who might consider voting for him.

    1. @Sadie Stoltzfus but he just drove 354 miles from his home town to 700 people, his wife said that he voted for the first time in his life at the last election, how can he be angry at the government at this point in his life when he never previously chose to vote until along comes trump.

  7. Another testament that the GOP has abandoned their traditional values, and is now little more than the political arm of right extremists.

    1. @jorge gonzalez-larramendi Mo Brooks was wrong, it’s not a revolution it’s an invasion of brain-dead morons lead by a brain-dead moron. So it’s like a zombie invasion.

    1. He knows, he doesn’t care… he’s actually inviting another January 6th to the mindless minions waiting for a signal.

    2. And Brooks has government funded health care. Can also be treated at the best military hospitals whether he’s a veteran or not.

    3. Brooks is a senile old man riding a rocking horse and shouting “Yippee!” and “Giddy up.”. He should take advantage of the mental health care offered him by his govt healthcare plan!

  8. “Dictatorial socialism” is Mo Brooks’ bogeyman, a figment of his imagination served up as a scapegoat as incitement. It is a favorite technique of those supporting a potential authoritarian, a dictator.

    1. I agree. Its just a low weak excuse. They make liberal and socialism to be a hateful swear word. But they don’t even know what a dictator is either.

  9. The idea that Mo Brooks is still a member of congress after Jan 6th is just perplexing at this point. Basically, nothing matters anymore.

  10. For someone who was mad at “big government” he sure did waste a lot of taxpayer money to make his point, thus pushing for more taxes required to take care of problems like this.

    1. How about a few indictments because he has a lot coming to him. Plus I want him to get everything that is coming to him

    2. Mo isa coward. Helped start the trump crazies insurgents vandalizing Capitol while wearing a bulletproof vest.

    3. It’s disturbing how these racist politicians are sympathetic to terrorists who look like them, but if Colin Kaepernick takes a knee on a football field to protest the obvious double standard in America, these same racist politicians will ostracize Kaepernick and treat him as if he was the one that had the bomb.

  11. This is disgusting. Nowhere in Brooks’s statement does he even condemn the bomb threat, except to call it “sad.”

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