Cory Booker Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Cory Booker Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1


    1. I am sure Booker and Harris bowing out has nothing to do with the Federal investigation regarding their relationship with Jussie Smollett, Illinois DA Kim Foxx (who dropped all charges against Smollett), and the 12 month subpoena of all records of Smollett and his correspondences. LMAO! What a sh!thow!

    2. A true Democrats won’t like this one. .lol

    3. @Gooey 911 sounds like you watch Fox…soon as I saw Facebook well you know what that’s all about! They dropped out because they were not going to win early primaries, had not enough %’s to get on debates…at least dems know when its time to exit & move on…last time I checked they’re still senators, what’s your day job?

    1. And another lie by Andrew Yang, telling Cory would be back in a debate. Time for the Yangster to drop next…

    1. Don’t worry. All the Democrat Can’t-idates will be locked in an Impeachment trial for WEEKS! Isn’t Nancy brilliant? 😵💫

    2. Jose Amador Democrats don’t even know why they lost the last election, you think the importance of a political position dawns on them? 🙃

  1. I’ll never forget where I was
    when I heard the news that
    {checks notes} Cory Booker
    dropped out of the race.

    1. @EnuffSaid I thought it was going to be a case where he would lose every single state and keep saying: “Going to fight on! Going to fight on!” Well, it would have been funny.

    1. @Tom Griffin Well, Tulsi Gabbard would. But I don’t think she’ll get the nomination. So if you do support President Trump, I don’t think you have anything to worry about in 2020.

    2. @justme Yea Justine. If I were Donald Trump, my biggest fear would be Tulsi Gabbard. Mainly because she could win over a lot of the crucial undecided vote. She doesn’t annoy everyone with race baiting; she’s a veteran; she has dignity; and she’s articulate. But she’s not a puppet of DNC. So chances are she’s not going to get the nomination, even though she’s the left’s strongest card. But I will say this. She won my respect.

    3. @eternalhalloween1 everything that you said is 100 percent correct. Plus trump wouldnt be able to make fun of her becasue she is serious and not a clown like other candidates. I respect her a lot, and it says a lot coming from a staunch trump supporter. I fear her as trumps rival but I cannot be happy with the fact that DNC is cutting her chances for a fair fight.

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