Defense Secretary Refuses To Endorse Trump’s Claims On Iran | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Defense Secretary Refuses To Endorse Trump's Claims On Iran | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. It’s a lot like MSNBC News. The entire USA seems to be run by advertising schmucks and circus clowns.

    1. And he was under pressure of some GOP senators to attack Iran. He needs these senators for the impeachment trial.

    2. He wasn’t a “bad guy” when he was a partner with the US in fighting ISIS! Suddenly he’s a “bad guy.” How does that work?

  1. Rename this show.
    Call it, “The Morning Reminder”
    That our nation is currently run by delusional liars, creepy opportunists and traitors.

    1. @Dark Star You Don’t Need to Confess , Inbred—-Defective—-Brains—-Child……..We ALL Saw You Were Breaking—-Out—-CRYING The Minute You Heard Your HUSBAND Was Zapped Like A FLY , By President—-Trump……..But NOT To Worry—-Your—-Little—-Head—-GIRL………

      According to the Latest—-Leaked—-Intelligence coming out of the U.S.—Pentagon , You will be RE-united with Your Husband Very + Very Soon , Girl……..They ‘re Working On Pin—-Pointing Your Surface—-To—-Air—-GPS—-Coordinates………

  2. This is exactly the reason why there were so many stories at the beginning of his presidency of Trump asking people if they were going to be loyal to the country, or to HIM….

    1. Dano … and that means he was lying about his motivation to do this now. As a result Iraq wants US out of Iraq. And also the real motivation remains unclear. A speculation would be his desire to start a war in order to get re-elected.

    2. Jivko Dimitrov – Hmmm…..Just like in 2011 when Trump said that was what Obama was gonna do. It’s almost like Trump was projecting. Hmmm……Donald Trump projecting? Insert shocked face here.

    1. @Pamela Wilson Balls Obama screwed up the economy all the numbers indicate towards that. Obama added 9 Trillion nation debt with his two years tenure with hardly any money going into national capital expenditure to boost the economy. This how stupid and shameless democracy are trying to take credits for what republicans have done. Democrat run states are an excellent example of the effectiveness of the policy. Why is there a net positive migration to long term republican governed states?

    2. @Pamela Wilson Obama is most deceiving politician in Modern American history, he has killed more middle eastern civilians than Trump. He even sanctioned bombing on civilian localities go do your research. Besides do you know democrats where all in support of barriers along the border before Trump brought up the issue? Talking about hypocrisy you know how many people Obama deported?

    3. @george thomas well I guess there goes the Republican theory that Dems all love the terrorists, thanks for debunking that Republican talking point. As for the wall, the big beautiful wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, I assume that is the one you are talking about. Yes the Democrats have always been in favour of defending the boarder, they were simply against the ridiculous lie that Trump was telling about his ridiculous wall, it is not only un-necessary to build a wall clear across the country it is pretty much impossible due to the lay of the land and the problems it would cause by having to have the government take people’s land from them to build it and Mexico was never going to pay for it, just another con by Don. Yes Obama deported people legally (you would have thought Republicans would have admired him for that), he did not hold them like forever hostages and leave them in constant filth, and let them die in those cages. He also did not separate children from their parents in such a fashion that they may never be able to reunite them again.

    4. @Pamela Wilson well he deported 3.5 million people, democrats are blocking Trump from ripping of loopholes. Mexico will pay through some means now they are providing security on the other side. Trump is gonna build that wall win coming election and make people like you go nuts. Where was the hypocrates demorats when Obama deported 3.5 million people. Pathetic

  3. Is “probably” now a justification to attack another country without congressional approval? Imagine if all countries did that?

    1. @Christine Kerby many calls U.S. terrorist and you think they also could bomb your neighbor with no consequence.
      You know U.S. history in middle east?? They have interfered almost all country in this region.
      Like they have done in south/middle America.
      You think that’s is legal act to do what U.S have done after ww2

  4. So this man lies when he doesn’t have to ,I reckon he learned how to do that when he was much younger .

    1. I agree that Trump is the enemy of USA. One Sunday morning he said on national TV he and whoever he considers “WE” was going to stop the Government.

    2. Donee Stoner
      Its True
      You Are ABSOLUTELY Correct & on Target with that thought and the Sooner he becomes Iran’s or a Russian Target the Better America will Be.

      But it’s also True, that Hillary was just as BAD…

      It’s “Tulsi Time” for the United States & Nobody Else Running is Fit to be our True Leader if Bernie wasn’t so sick & too old …

    1. Sandra Hunter
      Trump is a Terrorist, Just Watch & Listen To Him with his Red Face👺
      We Need a Military Coup Against Him the Dictator for Putin

  5. You know why he’s making this crap up. For his troglodyte base at home that gets all fired up when they hear it.

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