‘Could be a kamikaze mission’: GOP lawmaker takes on Trump

'Could be a kamikaze mission': GOP lawmaker takes on Trump 1


CNN's Jeff Zeleny speaks to Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump, about some of the backlash he has received since voting to impeach Trump and his political future.
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  1. “God Guns Trump” how misguided can someone be.

    • Actually could be prophetic. God guns (down, literally or figuratively ) trump?

    • Trump doesn’t really care about God or guns, but he sure knows how to appeal to those angry and disenfranchised-feeling groups as their new messiah.

  2. PARZIVAL POWER | March 9, 2021 at 1:56 AM | Reply

    This man is a commendable Republican, and worth my attention

  3. An Air Force service member lives by the creed “ Service Before Self “ and he is putting the country before the party……the rest of congress should live by the same creed.

    • Sprocket Head | March 9, 2021 at 9:51 AM | Reply

      Members of Congress swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution – different than the Air Force creed but similar in ways. Most of them don’t. Until real campaign reform comes about – which means separating these cretins from their donor’s money – nothing is going to change.

    • Yeah, what you both said. To uphold your principles require a spine.

    • derinderruheliegt | March 9, 2021 at 7:16 PM | Reply

      Military oath of office is the same…to support and defend the constitution.

    • Kitchener is a very rare breed of Republican, one with morals. Sadly the pack mentality will savage him.

    • Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay | March 12, 2021 at 5:05 AM | Reply

      @MrDiddyDee Kinzinger.

  4. El Diabolico | March 9, 2021 at 7:47 AM | Reply

    “He’s looking up for himself” lol. Some people should really thank their parents for those rubber corner protectors… otherwise Natural Selection would have taken care of them long time ago…

  5. Good to see a real, decent, courageous, honest conservative. America needs a new party of those!

    • @NEAR TERM EXTINCTION – HUMAN Pathological liars & social climbers are attracted to the Republican party ! There I corrected that for you !

    • Sprocket Head | March 9, 2021 at 9:55 AM | Reply

      @C.W. O Don’t be a moron. Both parties are dominated by Corporatists. It’s the reason politics is the way it is, and we are in the mess we are in. “My party good, other party bad” is exactly the simple-minded path these cretins want you to walk down. They’ve both had their turns running government at all levels, and have failed miserably at all of it.

    • @Sprocket Head Just a lot less of them on the Democrat side compared to the Qanon republican party !

    • Belly Dancer Em | March 9, 2021 at 11:03 AM | Reply

      not many of them left, but then again, how many of them were always courageous, honest and decent

  6. PHOENIXQ2024 | March 9, 2021 at 8:23 AM | Reply

    So he’s a actual patriot via being a soldier, he stands in his merit, and is willing to risk his job to stand on his beliefs. Great job.

    • Alternative Headlines | March 10, 2021 at 9:20 PM | Reply

      @biekgiek No. Lying to people to get elected and continuing to lie once you’re there is not exclusive to one party. Thanks for that. I feel better about AOC already.

    • @Alternative Headlines You’re being snarky, aren’t you?

    • @Alternative Headlines I agree with the first part of your response. And I see you couldn’t resist a jab at AOC.

    • Alternative Headlines | March 12, 2021 at 11:08 PM | Reply

      @biekgiek A ‘jab’? I referenced her because she personifies everything that is wrong.

    • @Alternative Headlines Yes a “jab” is what you did. How do you come to the conclusion she personifies “everything that is wrong”? Did she incite an attempted insurrection? Has one of the cornerstones of her political platform to denigrate her opponents with ad hominem attacks? Has she labeled the media “the enemy”? Did she call everyone who didn’t vote for her “losers”? These are all things Trump has done, by the way. And now his ilk are still peddling his baseless accusations.

  7. Robbie Burns | March 9, 2021 at 8:24 AM | Reply

    “When you’re willing to put your job on the line, then you’re free” – well said.

  8. I’m a Democrat and this is one Republican who seems to have a head on his shoulders.

    • John Delaney | March 10, 2021 at 5:26 PM | Reply

      I agree. I live in Ireland but my mother is from Boston. I’m a US Navy veteran who is a small “L” liberal. I think the US needs Republicans who actually believe the facts. He has the courage of his convictions.
      I’m a Democrat but stan for conservatives like this guy and others like him. I think he’s very like John McCain.

    • Likewise Helen…I’m a Democrat too,and there are more Republicans out there with brain cells…they just need to match their backbones to their brains, but he’s right…if Republicans stay on this road…they’re going to be out of power for decades, then maybe they will grow a spine

    • I would cross party lines to vote for him. I’m a moderate Democrat and I admire Adam Kinzinger and his courage to stand up to Trumpism.

    • @Greg Egan he did but he saw the damage he has done and wants to make sure that Trumpism does not continue to rule the Republican party.

    • @Jenny Sack Sorry, but he saw for 4 years the damage Trump did, and what a danger he was, and STILL voted for him, that’s not something I can overlook because NOW he opposes Trump.

  9. Matthew Charman | March 9, 2021 at 8:51 AM | Reply

    “One of the most effective Presidents in my lifetime.”

    – got nothing done in 2 years when his loyalists controlled all branches of government
    – crippled the American economy with the only thing he did get done in those 2 years, tax cuts for the wealthy
    – turned the midterms into a referendum on himself, caused a historic loss
    – presided over peerless job losses in real terms
    – ignored a pandemic leading to half a million deaths
    – lost the White House to a mediocre candidate in a historic popular vote, lost the Electoral College with the exact same number of votes he once described as a landslide
    – threw a toddler tantrum about losing and claimed there was no point in voting, thus causing a red state to flip blue and his own party to lose control of the Senate when they shouldn’t have.

    This doesn’t go into the moral failings of humanity’s orange tumour, this is just a brief and incomplete sample of how effective he wasn’t.

    • Effective at what is the question.

    • @Paul Carson Lacking the restraint that comes from having any morals and doing whatever is expedient to give Republicans an advantage regardless of the cost. Or is this just stating the obvious. 👍

    • 👏 get this comment all the way to the top, damn. Preaching.

    • @Rui Matos I’m in. 👍

    • Well, he fulfilled some of his campaign promises, which he did by way of executive order, particularly the ones driven by racist hatred of Obama. But, notice he didn’t fufil the one about draining the swamp. He did, after all, stay through is full term.


  11. NEAL GOODWIN | March 9, 2021 at 9:58 AM | Reply


  12. International J | March 9, 2021 at 10:24 AM | Reply

    “He’s looking out for himself” absolutely rich from a Trump’s cult follower…

    • International J | March 11, 2021 at 6:49 AM | Reply

      @CBunye Oh well after witnessing January 6th, I’m sure that’s not the worst thing they could do…so thought and prayers, if they decide to walk into the ocean for their supreme leader…it is what it is.

    • Benjie Rodriguez | March 11, 2021 at 10:35 PM | Reply

      @Christopher N. Yes, they are that stupid, that’s what the gop is banking on, their stupidity.

    • SIA surveillance van | March 12, 2021 at 6:10 AM | Reply

      @Daria Gilham trunp said there is an election fraud and sued, no lawcase were heard, every lawcase was thrown out not on the merrits, which means the courts didnt prove anything. But the democrasts screamed baseless alligations than russians stole the election and they got support from the media even if now its proven than this is a also big lie – its ok when democrats do it. And do you think that actually 75 million people think that the election was stolen on NO BASIS. There is evedidence, there are videos and so on. As is said the courts threw out every court case out not on the merrits but on procedural grounds. And now after all of this the democrats want to lift rez. 1 witch menas mail in voting and no voter id is possible in whole america. This is all about what trump screamed about that mail voting can lead to fraud. If you want democracy then then its gone.

    • Christopher N. | March 12, 2021 at 7:14 AM | Reply

      @SIA surveillance van Voter id is not about fraud. It is about suppressing the vote. You want to make it more difficult for a thousand to vote because there may be a chance that a couple of votes may be cast improperly. All of the video evidence you’re referring to was proven to be false. When a ballot was damaged and wouldn’t go thru the reader anew ballot was created with 2 witnesses validating it was done correctly. If there were a small number of shenanigans going on what makes you think it was only on one side? How about the ballot drop box that was set on fire. What about the fake drop boxes? What about the reduction in polling places in democratic areas. The Republicans played more dirty tricks then the democrats. Finally, I’m a New Yorker all my life. A white guy, born and raised in Brooklyn, I can spot a crook a mile away. Trump is a con man. I know it’s hard to admit you were duped but you were. The guy is a lowlife why, would he be on your side? And yeah there really was no basis! Except, in some states making easier to vote by mail because there is a Fu–king pandemic going on. If Trump had pushed the Republicans to mail in ballots he may have one(probably not) but maybe. This is all about keeping power in the hands of rich old white men and some women. Times are changing.

    • SIA surveillance van | March 13, 2021 at 6:39 PM | Reply

      @Christopher N. How do you think fraud happens? There are fake adresses, poor voter id verification ect. This was all what trump was talking about. Do you think that 75 million people are realy that stupid to just follow blank words and and some ”stupid tweets” or do they do have some actual facts. If they wouldnt had facts then the media wouldnt just oghh you know… mass ban videos, censoring people, deplatforming them for their ”conspiracy therories” and so on. Mass sencoring prove that if there is nothing to say back then sencoring is only way and it means a lost fight. Its just like if you cant win an argument you just kill him. And how tf do you restore faith in elections by making voting MORE easy especially after 2020 electons. And btw in these times of propoganda war i would advice you to watch both sides, look at what donald said maybe in raw footige, because these fucks are known to edit speeches in their narritive. This is why i come to CNN.

  13. Bruce Blackwell | March 9, 2021 at 11:12 AM | Reply

    “He’s looking out for himself” hahaha I thought their demi God was about about himself?

  14. So basically what I see is Adam speaking confidently and showing how to love God and country… and GOP Trumpers showing how to love and admire 1 man with an unintelligible argument.

  15. 2:47 “He’s looking out for himself.” WHAT??? He’s putting himself on the line. That’s not looking out for himself. No wonder we keep having to use the term “delusional”.

  16. Jasmine Chong | March 9, 2021 at 1:28 PM | Reply

    I love this guy, he’s everything a republican can never be, decent honest and truthful.

    • Wendy Carney-Hatch | March 11, 2021 at 11:56 AM | Reply

      It makes me wonder why he’s still a Republican. Although to be clear, he didn’t vote for the Rescue Plan. None of them did.

  17. Cali Touring | March 9, 2021 at 1:47 PM | Reply

    Republicans message to the people, “Party before country”

  18. “He’s looking out for himself.” How is Kinzinger doing that by going against a popular president among the current Republicans? He’s a minority.

  19. We need more people like Adam. It’s refreshing to know that there are still Republicans who hasn’t filled up on Kool-Aid.

  20. Did that lady say that “he is out for himself”? Wow what a clueless bunch.

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