'Cover-Up': Family Of Black Man Killed By Police Say They're Hiding Video | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

‘Cover-Up’: Family Of Black Man Killed By Police Say They’re Hiding Video | The Beat With Ari Melber


Just one day after former officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, Andrew Brown Jr. was shot and killed by police. Now, his family and their attorneys are blasting police officials after they only allowed them to view 20 seconds of the bodycam video of Brown's killing. Activists are calling for the full release of the video to the public. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/26/2021.
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'Cover-Up': Family Of Black Man Killed By Police Say They're Hiding Video | The Beat With Ari Melber


    1. silver spoon alicia menendez’s father, warhawk congressman bob menendez just sponsored a new cold war anti china bill in congress, the only thing bipartisan in usa is war

    1. @Joseph Vorraso, of course she doesn’t control his actions as the police chief is a separate individual and not a puppet, but she is responsible for his actions. She has full authority to appoint and dismiss her police chief at her will and he must report directly to her. So she has the authority to order him to release any content she wishes. Yes he could ignore her order and go rogue, and she could permit him to do so, but she would still be responsible for his actions. American force of any kind always reports to a representative of the people. There is no rogue force that doesn’t do this. And thus, the elected official is responsible for the force under his/her command and the elected official must answer to the people. This is why a Democrat mayor becoming anti-police is complete nonsense. It’s just a show.

    2. @bryanatwku No the mayor doesn’t. In NC different police departments & agencies can’t even share videos between departments without a judge signing off on it. Go read some laws and you’ll understand why it hasn’t been released yet.

    3. @bryanatwku Mayor doesn’t control the police chiefs actions… STFU. You don’t know WTH you’re talking about.

    4. @Miklos Homoki I don’t understand how police departments sharing videos in NC is relevant to police releasing footage to the public, especially with laws, which are usually super specific, involved.
      It seems like a cop out (pun intended) to say “go do your research” and reference nothing.
      Can you elaborate on the specific laws in the relevant jurisdiction if you’re going to oppose the argument? I can’t seem to locate laws forbidding the public from viewing the footage other than laws about being able to not disclose information about on going investigations, which are commonly abused and appears to be the laws abused in this case.

  1. This is beyond sad, when this seems like the normal in America….these police need to be prosecuted extensively so that these murders are deterred!!!

    1. @bryanatwku hey thanks for the rant. I’m from a family of law enforcement. Specifically chiefs of police and Undersheriffs, so I’m aware of how governments and policing policies work. Thanks for your asinine comment. Great way of sidestepping the point that Not every official is a Democrat the way your basic and vague statements imply. Also, hiring practices of police officials and officers DO NOT CONSIDER POLITICAL AFFILIATION, as that would be discriminatory. My father was a registered Republican for the entirety of his tenure in American law enforcement. That never came into play, whether he was hired by a Democrat, Republican, or Independent Mayor and city council(which are almost always a mixture of political parties). The Only time political affiliation comes into play are county sheriff’s, seeing as they are an elected official. Sherriff’s are independent of local government as far as hiring goes. For most police departments the Mayor and city council members are ONLY in charge of hiring commissioners and or chiefs. So… your point is still garbage. Thanks.

    2. @bryanatwku further… My family members, who are in law enforcement, would disagree with you. Systemic racism within our institutions is NOT delegated to one party or the other. Its built into so many components of our local, state, and federal government, justice systems, law enforcement, zoning boards, that it is accepted as common to the point where people like you deny it or worse try to pin it on one party or the other. Previous to 9/11 there were many LEO task forces across the country who’s main objective was to root out and go after white supremacist groups. Since 9/11 many of those task forces shifted towards counter terrorism. This left a gap in which white supremacist groups were able to take advantage of and thus further infiltrate our government, military, and law enforcement agencies.

    1. @Dee Valerie Yes, one of my clients sent me some information to that regard. That is another one of our democrat controlled progressive cities. We have a black female Mayor and a very diverse City Council. Trump would’ve never open an investigation. He would never have opened a DOJ case into the deaths Minneapolis and Brooklyn Minnesota. Let’s hope this is not a white wash investigation and only for show.
      The best thing that could happen is for the elected officials to include the Mayor’s and City Councils In these three settings to resign immediately. Clearly they have lost control. We have to remember that all city departments are controlled by elected officials including the police department.

    2. @Reg U A lot of times disinformation is a matter of perspective. If somebody post information that is faults or incorrect this is easy to debunk and disprove. At issue however, is that they might be correct. I appreciate the simple nature of your post and thank you very much for the kind wishes. You too stay safe, stay healthy and be cautious.

    3. @Danu’s Dragonfly Aha T. R. You have just said the last W H occupant acted like a third grader on the playground. Thank you.

    4. @Johnny Boone Cooper is an attorney and he used to be Attorney General of North Carolina before he became governor. He understands a lot of you understand legal investigations. One wonders why he did not take action then order heels this incident to ensure that everything was proper. I hate to say this and I am astonished all of the killings and abuse treatment of our protected class solution in our most progressive cities now under investigation by the DOJ.

  2. If he had threatened the police lives in any way they would have released the bodycam and criminal history before his body had hit the ground…

    1. His criminal record is public domain. You can look up his inmate number on nc inmate lookup, in fact here is his inmate number 0544060. Rap sheet literally multiple feet long

    2. @Panty Fa I suspect those statistics were presented to dismiss that there is a problem. They are not relevant to whether the officers acted appropriately in this case. Most people understand that there is a psychology that makes certain outcomes more likely. Though often used, it is a weak argument technique to throw superficially related general data out there to prove or disprove a specific subset of an issue.

  3. Professor Johnson needs a new microphone and in-ear monitors, but he don’t need any help assessing the injustice! Thanks Professor!

  4. Release the video, why do they have a need to hide what they did, it must come out eventually! Who is protecting whom here?

    1. @T. R. Campbell I remember some fool protesting with a sign to that effect. Wuz like…hunh?!? Really is a disconnect with reality in that sense. With regards to police shootings…they definately seem heavy handed. Too quick to shoot sometimes. I live in Columbus and we now have 3 cases that have been in National news just this year. Mah kia was a travesty but fully justified even if people are up in arms over it. I’m sure they’ve shot plenty of white folks….that just never makes the news.

    2. @Willy Bones I think we are going to see more of this. Police Departments are having a great deal of difficulty filling their ranks. A young applicant who would qualify for law-enforcement can make more money in other professions and not have to worry about danger, 24/7 shift work, and being thrown to the dogs by corrupt politicians. Police Departments and have had to lower standards. We are going to be seeing a lot more people who should not be carrying a gun or wearing a police uniform out doing just that.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Yeah. My next door neighbors are both police 20+ just biding their time. They hate it. If the force doesn’t have your back its frightening. Every punk on the street packing heat…never knowing if tonights your night…or if you’ll have to shoot someone.

    4. @Willy Bones I am inclined to agree with him. If I were these officers I would begin my shift and then I would head for the weeds. I would find a hide out and only answer your radio calls and then not be too quick to get there.

  5. If they haven’t released the video after 6 days and they say it has to be “redacted,” you know what’s up: cover-up.

    1. In the meantime just look at that rap sheet of his. All he wanted to do is serve the community as long as you had the money when you pulled up

  6. All across nc from small towns up have crooked mayors chief of police and sheriffs who cover their crimes for themselves an each other

    1. All across NC from small towns up have wannabe GTA NWA thugs selling drugs and acting the fool. Can you see how conflict is inevitable?

    2. I believe it’s a direct decision of the Standing Mayor and Governor as to how they will play out the case. It’s ALWAYS A COVER UP, simply for that reason.

    3. @Liam BENYAMIN we must stay on them an except no excuse! Gods got us! I just keep protesting an praying

  7. The fact the public now knows it’s been edited to 20 seconds…we can’t trust anything they put out at this point.

    They need to release the full video so the public can know what really happened because this just creates even more distrust.

  8. hands on steering wheel… how he changed the direction of the car moving?
    They can’t trust for 20 seconds video, but how I can trust to words here?

  9. Shot in the back of the head in his driveway while his hands are on the wheel?! They are definitely hiding something.

  10. I don’t know what to say anymore… I pray for my brown brothers and sisters every night, and I pray for the police.. And I have to be honest, the rug is getting awfully thin..

  11. The refusal by the sheriff’s department seems to rise to the level of obstruction of justice. It also appears the sheriff’s department is trying to control the narrative of the execution. The US Justice Department may need to launch an investigation to get the needed transparency.

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