Majority Supports President Biden's Spending Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Majority Supports President Biden’s Spending Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


About two in three Americans support the president’s multitrillion-dollar infrastructure package as well as the proposed tax hikes to pay for it, according to new Monmouth polling. The panel discusses.

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Majority Supports President Biden's Spending Plan: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Everyone knows that 98% of MSNBC & CNN’s _hundreds_ of regular viewers believe whatever these talking heads tell them, the same way they believe “the voices” no one else hears, so…

    2. The producer goes to the cubicle farm in the MSNBC newsroom and asks for a show of hands, “Who approves of Joe’s plan.” Naturally they assume they talkin’ ’bout Joe Scarborough. Its never a tough crowd.

    1. @BasecampLife and the polls were right. oh wait you are too stupid for the electoral college system, gotcha kid. you do know, that trump lost the popular vote against hillary, so the polls where totally right.

    2. @Eric Fun fact: the GOP did NOT want Trump to win, but the people spoke and they respected it. Unlike, the left, who have superdelegates (GOP doesn’t have superdelegates) , that have 20× the voting power as an individual voter. This all but ensures the candidate the establishment wants (NOT the people) will get the nomination. Hence, why Bernie got snubbed TWICE and why I left the left. Seems to me the dictators are on the left, not just for the superdelegates but for many other reasons I’ll get into. But tell me how Trump was a dictator? BE SPECIFIC!!!

    3. @michael dileo the only dictators are in the GOP but cute when you have to lie and deflect, only proves that you are wrong.

    4. @Eric Wait what?? I actually gave you specific points that are verifiable and pertinent to the topic at hand. That’s the exact opposite of deflecting. Yet, YOU give nothing but generalities and ad hominems to artificially puff up your position. How braindead are you?

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman oh and by the way, my little world is extremely pro-Trump. I was actually fired because I didn’t vote for Trump. I live in a shithole town that worships the man.

    2. @Christopher Parks Canada is mad at us ever since we shut down Keystone Pipeline XL. I don’t blame them. Biden was the only one at the meeting of UN without a mask. There are plenty of examples.

    3. @Christopher Parks Sorry that that happened. That should never happen. Now you know how bad cancel culture really is.

    4. @Bradyn Lotterman “plenty of examples” doesn’t refute the data. They like him better than Trump. Most people do. Even Republicans hated him until he was elected, when they all got in line and puckered up.

    5. @Bradyn Lotterman no no, don’t conflate things here. Cancel culture is what Republicans wanted. When I was growing up, Republicans always said that the marketplace of ideas would force companies to abide by social standards imposed by the free markets. They used this to avoid addressing issues of racism and homophobia. They said if people don’t like the practice then they wont shop at the place. Now it’s actually happening and they’re upset.

      Should have been careful what they wished for.

    1. @M M2 the Democrats said voter fraud doesn’t exist though. Are you telling me Democrats are lying? They would never do such a thing..

    2. @D.A. Oh
      Look up the definition of bribery.
      Then read Profiles in Corruption about your dear leader Bidumb.

    1. @Sean Pearce I will definitely push back on the “better as a whole” assertion, though. It really has not been. On a per-worker basis, most workers now make approximately half per hour worked than they did in 1978 when full inflation (non-CPI) is taken into account and combined with the productivity curve. Whereas a family of four could, at the median income mark, sustain on a single income, that’s now a ninth-decile category, meaning that over 90% of families with an average member number of four now require a number of average incomes in the 1.5 to 2.3 range (depending on area of the country) to maintain the same lifestyle relative to GDP. Either or both of these numbers have increased every year since 1981, when the Reagan tax cuts went into full effect, which was likely the primary driver of these shifts in the first place. Meanwhile, real incomes have not increased at all for the bottom four-fifths of the labor force in the same time frame, despite both real unemployment and worker disengagement being sustained at or below frictional levels on a year over year basis and CPI inflation being historically low. In fact, several studies project that, all worldwide occurrences holding true otherwise, had we not indulged in cutting the top marginal rate over the same time frame, US GDP and the various trade products would be around 60% higher than they are now just due to the trend of productivity gain. Instead, we have more billionaires, who create a drag on the economy just by existing — there is no historical billionaire (US only) over the past 40 years who has added anywhere close to the economy as they have extracted from it, in most cases exceeding their contributions by 40% or more. Meanwhile, the more of the limited “wealth pie” that is attracted to capital, the less economic activity spending in general creates, as each additional dollar collected beyond a certain variable threshold is less likely to be spent than the dollar before it. At some point, the accumulation of wealth (in particular, the more that is collected by a fewer number relative to the population) causes massive slowdowns to the economy as a whole, most visible in the fact that nearly the entire US economy is propped up solely by consumer spending — something we got to see first hand through the natural experiment provided by last year’s lockdowns.

      TL;DR —
      If we had left rates above 70%, our economy would have been larger, more people would be more wealthy on average, and current Billionaires would be mostly in the same positions they are now.

    2. @Diogennes theSinope bruh even I’ve read Biden’s policy and can easily recognize how flawed and exploitable it is

    3. 10 trillion dollars proposed for 2021, it’s utterly insane. If people approve, they cleary don’t understand inflation. Buckle up people, your standard of living is about to go way down…

    1. @Daniel R i’d say those positions are equally stupid. I’d also like to point out that Trump’s campaign actually did meet and coordinate with Russian officials and then lie about it. That has been proven.

    2. @Jim Morrison If you have data to the contrary, please present it. However, I’m not going to pretend that all of the data is wrong.

    3. @Christopher Parks meeting with Russians/Chinese/etc doesn’t prove you did anything wrong. Are you really this stupid?

    1. Truth91 former President Trump is living rent free in every democrats,rino and Republicans ever loving mind you will hear 24/7 Trump Trump Trump guess what he is not in the WH anymore

    2. @Araya Buchichi I barely ever hear about that LOSER, Trump, anymore and it’s glorious.
      I am looking forward to the upcoming Trump Trials, though! Enjoy!!

    3. D.A. Oh you are absolutely unequivocally correct they are making the news all about Trump the guy is playing golf they need to leave him alone and take care of the real problem like millions of job loss,Southern Border Crisis,massive tax increase,fuel price hike,dollar inflation,peace and order etc etc this is the most senile ,dull witted ,imbecile administration ever in my lifetime


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