COVID-19: Cases and deaths increase with the rise of the Delta variant | USA TODAY 1

COVID-19: Cases and deaths increase with the rise of the Delta variant | USA TODAY


COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in the U.S. as fall approaches, and the biggest concern is children, according to health experts.


Forty-seven states reported more new COVID-19 cases last week than in the week before, and deaths rose in 30 states compared to a week earlier, a USA TODAY analysis of Johns Hopkins University data shows.

Hospital admissions are also expected to increase over the next four weeks, an ensemble forecast by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted Wednesday. The U.S. may see up to 11,000 new hospital admissions reported on August 9, according to the forecast.

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    1. I agree. But they’re going to blame it on us who are not vaccinated. Its all part of their agenda. I believe the vaccine which is not really a vaccine after all has the variant in it. China is controlling everything and this administration is helping them along. Never in all my years have I ever seen a push on a vaccine like this. Got to be a reason and it’s not about saving lives. These shots are going to end up a bigger problem in the end than the virus . Once you’re injected that’s it . What’s the reason why Joe signed a bill for Congress to pass for a vaxx squad ? We’re losing our freedoms everyday. I’m afraid next 4th of July were going to be under the communist Chinese flag and not our stars and stripes. If this variant is so dangerous why do they keep opening up things and don’t shut down the borders ?

    2. @6a waterwheel Thanks for that Completely fact free heads up. I’m sure it’s enlightening to the world at large….Tell us DR. What did you do to find the vaccinations have the variant in them? How did they hold it off until now? People have been getting vaccinated for sometime now and the virus doesn’t really take that long to show up after infection. If the vaccination is giving it to people, why are not even more people getting sick? Do you have any idea how many have been given so far? Once you are injected that’s it eh? Pretty scary but you really don’t know. You don’t have a leg to stand on. You haven’t had the vaccination. The vast majority have no problems at all. And oddly it’s mostly the non vaccinated getting it now. I’m sure everyone you know that has had it has had a bad reaction which would be incredible, so few in number but so many people saying everyone they know is having bad reactions. I think you’re just making sh!t up. I personally don’t care who takes it or who doesn’t, but why the misinformation? Why not just let the sheeple die? Oh and by the way if it is killing people that take it, wouldn’t that be counterproductive? You’ll kill off all the sheeple. The ones that go along will all be dead and all that will be left are the ingenious rebels, to smart to take the vaccines. That doesn’t seem right. I’d rather keep the sheeple and kill the rebels in that scenario, wouldn’t you? It’s a pretty intricate plan when they could just dose the whole population without telling anyone. they don’t have to convince people to take it. They could just put it in everything. The next century or so is going to belong to Asia by the way but it’s not because of a vaccine.

    1. Bug pharma isn’t orifiteeri gvfipshit the Gop dies. See there zero vote b on stimulus See fox profiting off death

  1. i want to know something why those people who works in the hospitals refused to take the vaccin is there something we should know about.

    1. Those who refuse to take the vaccine are a small group if stupid. In June 99 percent if covid deaths were non vaccinated, . 8 vaccinated. Figure it the fukOut

    1. The more fearful the population the less the GOp pay for us to recover. The more killed the more power Gop accumulate

  2. They always spotlight who they want to target. Two years these kids survived covid. Next it will be babies.

    1. The democrats and the media are so invested in keeping folks scared, and shut down. They will stop at nothing. So yes, it’s a new scare and threat every day.

  3. Lol the media slowly giving up on the agenda. Americans aren’t listening anymore because they know it’s bullshit

    1. I don’t see them slowing up on the agenda. Everyday they push the same” sky is falling over Covid” on the news, Nothing has changed.

    1. Allowing covid positive illegal immigrants to settle all over the country is ” caring for his people”?
      Causing inflation that especially hurts the poor is caring for his people?
      Laying off keystone pipeline workers for political reasons is caring for his people?
      Gas is up, inflation is up, crime is up, biden is a joke

  4. The comment section reads like some red tin foil hat party. Here are your spreaders! *points down*

  5. Why don’t you want to protect others? I got vaccinated, thrilled about it, maybe, maybe not, but i have an 8 year old child, and grandchildren, i have family members unvaccinated. I am prolife for the children on earth here now as well ad unborn babies….so for this reason i chose the vaccine

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