COVID-19 cases are surging across Canada, how can government regain control? | TREND LINE


  1. What does Trudeau know about exhaustion. He is a Failed Part time Dama teacher. Trudeau’s daily challenge is deciding what 🧦’s to wear.

    1. @F V I have this feeling this is what Trudeau is up to.I don’t have the evidence but I feel like he is up to something.I never have trusted Trudeau since Day one

  2. did we really need an emergency alert txt in addition to the constant daily reminders on news, & basically every where we go 🙄🤡🤡

  3. We actually got a LOUD Covid Warning to Stay home ‘ON THE AMBER ALERT’ WARNING SYSTEM ON OUR PHONE THIS MORNING and to only go out for essentials like groceries, Doctor or Dental Visits (or pick up prescriptions). We’ve been doing exactly that since January 2020. I’m a shut in anyway and my husband works from home but my heart goes out to those who have to work outside the home and those with children and young folks. Stay as safe as you can dear souls.

  4. Our tremendous government at its finest.
    “2 weeks to flatten the curve” turns into 55 weeks and not one health official has been fired.

  5. i am really tired with the covid19, i think the news of every hour, every day and so on. Real torture.

  6. Cdc usa recomends no travel to canada even if you have been vacinated how quickly the tables have turned

    1. Really, full authoritarian? Easy to say when you live in one of the most developed free nation in the world. Smh

  7. This is never going to end until Canadians demand it ends. Who cares how many cases there are, focus on the death and recovery rate and you will see the reaction to the virus has done more damage than the virus could even come close to doing.

  8. I WON’T be getting a 💉 nor will my wife who is an essential worker. Why, get something that changes nothing.. Never going to happen

  9. Guess what. It’s going to go through the population no matter how much the government wishes it away.

  10. Right off there Nanos web site “Since its founding in 1987, Nanos Research has helped corporations, government agencies and advocacy associations understand, chart and shape the public mood”

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