Covid-19 Cases Continue to Increase in Jamaica | TVJ News - August 14 2021 1

Covid-19 Cases Continue to Increase in Jamaica | TVJ News – August 14 2021


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    1. Dont take it then. But if you ever get covid and have problems breathing dont go to the hospital. Stay home and deal with it, or better yet go party

    2. @Ben’s Patois Garden damn fool, turn of ur light ,sit in the dark an turn off the tv .. go re read wat you jus wrote and think [meaning actually using ur brain] see wat sense ur making??

    3. Ben’s Patois Garden I’ve been hearing that there countries with a high big v rate, and nothing hasn’t changed.

  1. ministry a tell you to take vaccines and we dont know what is that vaccine for kmt me sure know say the people them inna parliamentarians not taking it

    1. @Marv antony anytime vaccine come a so Andrew and Tufton gwaan this bigger than both of them still them a Just puppets operation vaccine The whole world under The disguise of caring for people kmrt like they care bout anyone all this is just Satan getting busy and using man to achieve his purpose his time is almost up all these lockdown have nothing to do with any covid just getting people familiar with taking away their rights The real deal Is yet to come climate Sundays Sunday rest by law no especially business or people will be able to work on Sundays that right there will be how people get the mark of The beast by obeying the law of the land at that specific Time

    2. @Christine Page soon reach 1000 them don’t even know how to lie now The narrative Is most people who are hospitalized are the ones who hasn’t taken The vaccine trying everything to make people take the vaccine Right now if them just shut up bring in The vaccine make people know vaccine Deh ya stop lock down the country more people would be vaccinated right now but when you too pushy And eager nagging and even trying to force people to take vaccine them ago thing supm up

    3. @game changer TMC I agree with everything you said, them dont know how to pull off the covid stunt, the people them smell the rat lol.

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