COVID-19 in Canada: How long can Trudeau keep the border closed to Americans? | TREND LINE 1

COVID-19 in Canada: How long can Trudeau keep the border closed to Americans? | TREND LINE


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with U.S. President Joe Biden at the G7, but that meeting came amid increasing calls from U.S. lawmakers to reopen the Canada-U.S. border.

How do Canadians feel about the ongoing border shutdown?'s Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos break down the numbers.

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  1. its closed for yet another month. you know how they say tomorrow will never come. that’s what is going on here. Say goodbye to your small business. I have shut off local spending 99.9%. why would I support the idiots in my community that support these lock downs. these businesses earned their demise for going along with this. Dark days are coming. anyone that recognizes whats going on here best horde your dollars and if you can get out of north america.

    1. If only the government was giving money to small businesses so they could stay afloat during the lockdown

    1. Look up Canada’s policy on bio digital convergence, Horizon Canada the government think tank, read all the workshops, especially the one on health and human augmentation, then talk to me.

  2. Trudeau want a never ending lockdown so he can rig the vote like his uncle Joe or Putin do in those banana republics he loves to emulate.

  3. The virus has been flying into Canada for the past 18 months.
    Is there any logic to the Trudeau government?

  4. Thank you Trudeau, Thank you Liberal and I will vote Liberal again because I to see border keep closed and keep all traveling out of

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