Big cuts coming to pandemic aid as COVID-19 cases plummet

Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough breaks down the government's pandemic aid and explains the coming reductions in support.

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    1. Our jobs were shipped to foreign countries so we work minimum wage? Really? Our children graduated from university should work at Tim Hurton so foreign countries get our jobs?? What a leadership ?

  1. All along liberals have been able to extend benefits. Liberals could of put forward to pass the benefits separately instead of including with a mega bill. The benefits are being used as a hostage taking. Typical tatics. I would blame liberals not the oppositions.

    1. And the rest are in India. My sister works for a company transferring jobs to India. She will lose her job in August. Shame on Liberals allowing greed . Shame on big corporations, shame ! They ruined Canada once a great country. Look at our political leaders and ministers .. national embarrassment.from jobs to covid, vaccines, scandal, sexual misconducts. OToole is going to clean a big mess after liberals.

    2. @Duke Dex Democracy is a construct to give the illusion of choice. None of them work for the common folk.

  2. And yet no night shift jobs for a full time
    Stay at home dad with a fulltime employed wife in the fraser valley????? No more aid jobs please

  3. You can’t just throw millions of Canadians out without support. Yes, we need to fill jobs. No we can’t extend benefits indefinitely, but we can walk that balance. Has the hospitality sector tried raising wages? The solution to every problem can’t be cut Canadians off when they need help.

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