Manitoba manhunt: Suspect may have police paraphernalia, warn RCMP 1

Manitoba manhunt: Suspect may have police paraphernalia, warn RCMP


Police in Manitoba and Ontario continue to search for a homicide suspect as a massive manhunt grows. Jill Macyshon reports.

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    1. Yes .. a “human being” is the person of interest. Pretty sure there is no other type of person by definition?!

    2. @Todd Campbell when was the last “human being” you saw on the news asking the public to be on the lookout for?

    1. @Mr. NYSE u act like the RCMP doesn’t have some of the best IT personnel in the country. The issue is with chevy, the rental company and the courts.

  1. After 15 months of covid ticket detail hopefully the RCMP remember how to do real police work.

    1. @Choose Wisely Maybe they should stop enforcing stupid COVID restrictions and do some real police work.

    2. @Choose Wisely police officer doesn’t even make the top 10 list of most dangerous occupations…..take your drama to your Tupperware group, Lady

    3. They do real police work? Thought RCMP meant Really Crappy Misogynistic Police for the last 101 years…

  2. Didn’t we just go through all this with that Wortman guy? Never heard of this happening and now twice in one year? Wtf is going on?

    1. Yah right wont get past the border with all the covid restrictions let alone being wanted.

      Northern ontario is very isolated and full of dense forest more than MB so more places to hide as the hwys up that way are also literally in the middle of nowhere with hilly winding roads.

      RCMP don’t usually frequent those hwys often unless a call for help was made so he most likely has made his way to ontario.

    2. Government final episode,planned confiscation , 2.0 ,on steroids, of all law abiding citizens legally owned firearms, federal liberals to push this C21 through ,

    1. Guy should have headed to Alberta. We have swat teams here but they only arrest pastors and restaurant owners. We also have helicopters but they are only used to track down the most violent pastors.

  3. Im not worried i feel so safe They banned guns remember. theres no way this person can hurt me

    1. @bLaCkShAd0w It’s not a dream world. There’s no right to bear arms in Canada, this was settled by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1993. Enjoy *your* delusions. 🙂

    1. Or maybe his neighbor turned him on and wanted to rid himself of that desire? You think he might be American? 🤔

  4. I think he’s got them thinking he’s going to Ontario but I bet you he’s going the opposite way I’ll be heading to Mexico

  5. I knew he made his way through ontario as nothing else made sense as most on the run do as ontario is so big

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