COVID-19 is the overwhelming concern for most Canadians as variant cases rise | TREND LINE 1

COVID-19 is the overwhelming concern for most Canadians as variant cases rise | TREND LINE


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COVID-19 continues to be the overwhelming national concern for the majority of Canadians, outweighing worries over the economy, healthcare and the environment.

Pollster Nik Nanos warns that it could have a big impact on federal and provincial politicians.

"The advantage that many incumbent governments enjoyed in 2020… is starting to dissipate because of vaccine anxiety."

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    1. @Amelia Bedelia lol none of them would know they weren’t alive 300 yrs ago and they receive the most govt assistance soooo your point is invalid

    2. @Darth Carnifex Your response is a silly strawman argument. Comparing being asked to follow public health measures to slavery is ridiculous.

    3. @Amelia Bedelia I didn’t compare anything u goof, merely pointed out that African Americans are the furthest thing from their slave ancestors. They get so much govt money it’s ridiculous

    4. @Darth Carnifex The original commenter compared having to follow the health measures to slavery. That is a false equivalence. Nice try though. I am keeping this conversation respectful. You should do the same.

    5. @Amelia Bedelia this is the internet not tea with your aunt I don’t have to be nice and I’m not a gentleman

    1. @Teheru 17 You’re just annoyed because I’m ruining your fun assuming that you find sharing misinformation fun.

    2. @Amelia Bedelia ten years ago covid didn’t exist u goof.. your a straight up liar and the one who is misinformed

    3. @stmicheal That is an ad hominem. When the facts aren’t on your side, attack your opponent. Great debate strategy!

    1. @Max Weinbach you mean sitting in the basement of the cottage and taking personal days like you’re in high school ?

  1. The overwheming concern for Canadians is the fascism that has been pushing for total control of the populace. Where does the concept of lockdowns come from? The prison system…. and the fascists want eternal lockdowns.

  2. Most Canadian’s still in the dark about what it means for our society to be under management by Britain. Or maybe they are starting to get an idea that perhaps the Crown is not so romantic as they originally wanted it to be for them.

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