COVID-19 pandemic: B.C. doctor’s lungs permanently damaged by virus

B.C. doctor Greg Phillips was in the ICU for months after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and he's urging people to take the virus seriously.

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    1. Oh ya.. all those masses -u mean a fringe grps of ignorant, self centered fuks that will yell that masks are “tyranny” and ” the book of science is wrong”. Great.. so glad I got my truth from the book of YOU! LOL

    2. @theSNAPCASE Oh, ya anyone that doesn’t agree with u is a bot…says the child in the room!! 😂😂😂😂

  1. Oh wow, this is great then if he can prove he really had covid 19 then he will be able to collect the $5000 from Dr O’shea, bcuz so far during the plandemic no one has been able to

    1. He sounds like a quack ignoring and denying the growing body of medical literature and research on covid

    1. @Z M At the beginning of the interview it was stated that his raspy voice is a result of damaged vocal cords which was a side effect of the virus. Did you actually LISTEN to the context of the video or did you only zone in on the tone of his voice…?

    2. @Rico Fittano GTFOH…. Yellow teeth, yellow nails… Most normal ppl don’t put bleach trays in while on a ventilator FOR 105 DAYS….I wonder what u would look like after losing 100lbs as well.. and u call me a moron!!🤣 I couldn’t make your stupidity up even if I tried!!

  2. How has it already been informed this will be permanent? I expect a follow up story on this 2 years from now

    1. 006 006 – why are you yelling? Pneumonia causes that lung damage. Bronchitis causes lung damage. There are many illnesses that cause lung damage. Let’s shut down everything so we can be “kept safe”

    2. He had necrotizing pneumonia along with/due to Covid-19. This type of pneumonia is rare and causes scar tissue. He most likely will have permanent damage.

    3. It’s extremely rare for cells of the fragile alveoli to repair themselves. Only in the last few years have we seen evidence of lung cells regenerating after damage, usually it’s only the liver that has the ability.

    4. Are you an elementary school dropout? You can also check in on someone who lost a leg in 2 years … spoiler alert: they still won’t have the leg.

    1. @JMAC LIVES Yup, I noticed the same thing

      I think there is probably some truth to their story, but still reading off a script, I noticed when the younger guy was trying to remember a date he did what you would expect and looked upward as he was thinking, but throughout he was constantly looking on a downward right angle with slight gaps in his speech

    1. he also lost his license Feb 2019 and was fined over 20K
      i posted the full bc tribunal above; was it ghosted?

  3. What a load of BS……he obviously had something else like EVERYONE participating in this FAKEdemic.

  4. The comments are very cruel this Doctor was very ill and this is the response from the public, cruel world.

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