May doesn’t think Morneau’s apology will save his political career


  1. Morneau is only in politics to advance his net worth. Still waiting for him to bring up pension reform again.

    1. This pandemic is the perfect excuse he needs to redo pension policies and his private company Morneau/Shapell will be the net benefactor and the average Canadian will suffer.

    2. @Brian Yeah, he’s Canada’s Steve Mnuchin. It’s time for pensioners to organize and take care of these individuals.

    3. Politics is the worst way to advance your net worth, especially in Canada. He’s not Trump.. he’s actually rich.

    4. @cmactoronto Wrong answer, trying bill c27 the first few mouths he was finance minister, pension reform. It would have enriched his private business Morneau Shapell by hundreds of millions.

  2. If your personal accountant funneled money out of your accounts to fund a personal trip and you found out about it after the fact would you fire him or would you continue to trust him with your money ?

    1. LincolnTek fire him & report it to the police & lay charges. Isn’t that how the system is supposed to work?

    2. I would send huge goons to threaten
      him to get my cash or his house etc + 20% to pay the goons and then have the goons take him for a ride. But if I knew he was ripping off all but the filthy rich, I would have the goons leave him on the steps of Parliament AND the supreme court as a warning (think about it!)

    3. If the penalty for stealing an ATM machine was only $500 max , wouldnt you try? The laws needa changing my brothers… these guys are not facing any consequences. Its totally worth it to be corrupt in Canada right now..cop, politicians, secret intelli, all are very bad..

    1. P I in the early days we used to just pick them up and take them throw them in the trunk smash them open

    2. No, the Liberals all think they are above the rules. But sadly, that also applies to any party that is in charge.

  3. Canadians are tired of corrupt politicians governing their country… it’s time for change!

    1. Evading on paying taxes is the best way. Government are thieves. It is no longer illegal to evade taxes..

    2. @P I canada is doing ugenics why does Germany provide sufficient welfare and funding to the disabled

  4. If our finance minister can not budget his own finances he has no business budgeting my countries finances..

    1. It is also now legal to evade taxes at all costs.. Seeing that government do steal tax dollars..

    2. @Jeff Tougint I think all Canadians should hold off filing taxes until these fools are out of the big “corrupt” house period!

  5. Why don’t we use the program in place and sorry why just use existing programs it has worked for years

    1. The Greens and the Dippers keep propping up the Liberals. They are partly to blame for backing such criminals.

  6. He didn’t notice the $41,000 until he realized he had to testify in front of a finance committee? I don’t think so.

    1. @Eamon O’Connell And many more.. google Moron Morneau’s family spread where they live in their own COMMUNE (best word to use) He has lots of property! I wonder if the Panama papers will be updated as we already know some of them were listed in it.

  7. The WE Charity is a very effective propaganda generator for the Liberano Party.
    Trudeau, Morneau, and the Kielburgers need to be jailed.

  8. She thinks Margaret Trudeau is a wonderful human being. How mentally ill does someone need to be to actually think that?

    1. Roger C I’ve gotta admit, she lost me right there with the Margaret Trudeau compliment. . It sounds like she is walking on eggs, trying to offend no one. And suggesting that Morneau probably didn’t know he got a freebie was asinine. She comes across as weak and ineffectual.

    2. @Judy Woodburn agreed. She comes across as trying to somehow want to defend these criminals. If someone did this in business they would be outright facing charges of corruption.

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