COVID-19 sparks grim economic forecast, that could be trouble for Trudeau and O'Toole | TREND LINE 1

COVID-19 sparks grim economic forecast, that could be trouble for Trudeau and O’Toole | TREND LINE


As affordability becomes a key topic during the federal election campaign for all major parties, the news that the Canadian economy contracted in the second quarter is bad for both the Liberals and the Conservatives, according to pollster Nik Nanos.

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    1. @boghopper If use traditional pandemic definitions increases in overall mortality, Canada has not experienced a pandemic. We had about 2-3% increase over expected mortality, Covid deaths largely replacing more common causes of death in old age. The data indicates we had a pandemic of LTCs and hospital based outbreaks. in the 99 +% of the population that do not in LTCs, hospitals, and prisons had less than 25% of all deaths.

    2. @michaeltrumper it’s much better more (less deaths) than that. i have been posting a reference to a study using stats-can data that pretty much proves that there are no unusual excess deaths in canada. gets deleted faster than i can post

    3. @boghopper Same happens to me. Everything I post that’s 100% based on data just gets wiped instantly. Not even posting any links, it’s just key words or phrases “they” don’t like I guess

  1. The Greens will disintegrate. Paul should pick another riding after the last defeat in this corner of downtown Toronto with so little sympathy for Greens

    1. And when the Conservatives get in power it’s going to be sunshine and roses. To put it in Ray Donovan terms “sher.”

    2. @Maureen Wagg Well at least it might be someone who doesn’t think budgets balance themselves, “doesn’t think about monetary policy”, or wants to tax you for everything you own and more.

    1. @Blanche Carte When your government has billions to subsidize business and send to foreign nations, organizations, and charities then it is taxing its citizens too much.

    1. @Steven Brock Singh does not understand Economic plus his policies only deal with a fragment of Canadians plus on top of that he is align with the Liberals on their spending and want to spend more and more. O’Toole has a foundation behind him that will help all Canadians…Don’t be tricked…

  2. “Economic forecast” has been grim ever since the Liberals took charge of our economy and tax dollars. A total inept spendthrift government.

  3. I can’t believe the city of Toronto leans towards the Liberal Party. Yukon! Wake up Toronto…Trudough is a terrible leader

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