COVID-19 spreading ‘aggressively’ through Toronto warns Dr. de Villa

COVID-19 spreading 'aggressively' through Toronto warns Dr. de Villa 1


  1. Stupidity is also “spreading aggressively through Toronto”….maybe they should stop international flights ?

    1. Check the demographics before making a comment like this. There is plenty of domestic spread as those coming from abroad now represent a tiny proportion.

    1. @Anthony L residual antibodies and T-cell memory. R factor. But I guess you know all about those so I don’t have to mention them. Yeah, it ain’t much. Last big flu pandemic was in 1968. I wonder how many Americans died then. Since they are so close…..

    1. The devil made his move in 2020. With so many clowns in power he figured now was his shot. Boy did he time it right.

    1. Well yeah, we already know what’s wrong n the clip

      “ahhhhhh dooom and gloom! And the sky is falling!!😱”

      No need to watch lol the comments tell the story

  2. Hide yer kids! hide yer wife! FEAR FEAR FEAR

    Don’t let this stuff get to ya.

  3. So they close everything for 9 months, parks and malls yet the curve didn’t go down! Clearly your F@cking lockdown isn’t working!

  4. In other words….blah, blah…Health passports and Central Bank Digital Currency, blah, blah, Universal Basic Income and IMF bailouts blah, blah…Covid 21 and military checkpoints, blah, blah…

  5. This is to be expected. We shut down all small stores and have everyone going to the same place for necessities.

  6. You’ve had nine months to fix this and you’ve done nothing but make it worse
    it’s time the lot of you step down

    1. It’s not a Toronto problem, it’s a Canadian problem. They are trying to fight two battles: community spread and imported cases from other provinces and countries. The answer is simple and has been applied in Australia and elsewhere: close the borders, mandate forced quarantine on arrival at hotels for returning citizens. Prevent imported cases from contributing to community spread

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