COVID-19: Study finds anxiety among children has skyrocketed

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  1. Well when you isolate children during their social development stages its bound to effect them negatively.

  2. I could have told you that in March of 2020. That running our economy and our society off a cliff was going to create FAR worse problems than the virus ever would.

  3. You mean making children afraid of other humans & isolating them from family, school & friends has negative impacts? Who saw that coming? Other than everyone.

  4. “COVID-19: Study finds severe mishandling of pandemic has profound negative impact on children just like everyone said it would” – There, fixed the title.

  5. That creepy doctor gives me the willies she looks so freaking happy be on TV and to be part of whatever crap they’re pulling going on

  6. No you don’t say?…

    All of this is pre planned and a “papers please” society is coming. Don’t give in.

  7. Wow, what a surprise! Putting children under house arrest to protect them from the sniffles has negative consequences?

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