Covid-19 Survivor Story in Jamaica | TVJ News - April 12 2021 1

Covid-19 Survivor Story in Jamaica | TVJ News – April 12 2021


Life inside the Covid ward as recounted by a former patient.

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  1. I caught it the other day and it’s no joke… sigh the seriousness of not able to breathe and crying only make it worse.. I wouldnt wish anyone to catch it, please Jamaica be safe, wear your mask, sanitize give the gathering a break… u will never know u have it until u break down n no idea if u gonna get back up…

    1. Am tryin to find out some information, Jahiem Williams. How frequent you use to wear your mask? 1) Do you know the effects of C02 on the body.
      2) Have ever heard of a health condition call “Respiratory Acidosis”, if don’t it is advise to research it.

    2. @Allabout _themoney obviously he/she isn’t political, suh who fi pay him/her??? A politicians alone mi c a pay ppl fi b a Jackass on their behalf… Guess u a 1 a dem weh a collect politicians money suh u think every1 is d same

    1. @JAMAICAN WORLD Exactly… I thought she would have spoken about what she felt having the damn virus… why she talking about those dying around her!! Talk about how yuh breath did a lock off …how yuh chest did a pain yuh etc… at least that would have sounded more convincing… another fact, weh di other “survivors” dem deh???? Why they not on TV??? They got the flu n recovered END OF STORY.

    2. @Dontaye suh u seriously think being an obedient slave is gonna set u free in d end? Our ancestors FOUGHT for our freedom, they weren’t OBEDIENT!

    3. @Juniorh because a REBELLIOUS SLAVES deh yaso… Not OBEDIENT SLAVES… in St. Vincent it is said dat d ppl cannot evacuate (Due to d volcanic eruption) unless they r vaccinated! Shuld they b OBEDIENT SLAVES r REBELLIOUS SLAVES?????…. I am proud to b Jamaican! REBELLIOUS frm birth!!!

    4. @Shaunareka Clayton they couldn’t possibly show the whole interview… I’m sure you know it was edited and they show what they want to be highlighted… Can you provide a response for a question that wasn’t asked? Kmdt

  2. Ppl please listen to this lady. Dear God jamaica we are in such trouble and you run around. Suffer brazils fate or usa can happen.
    Consider the vaccine and stay home. Share and we survive. Run, party,… this dear ladies warning doesnt do any good either.
    Mask distance stay home wash hands keep face mask right position.
    Noone is brave with needles in arms with tubes coming at you.
    This lady survived. Believe me, I believe her about it being hell.
    Please support her in the recovery

    1. Oh please. Can’t you see she is acting? Them pay her to do that interview to lie lie lie just as how the Jamaican government manipulate their statistics. It’s just the flu nothing different.
      The hospitals are the ones killing people and pronounce as covid death. They get funding to do that worldwide !

    2. @Christopher Drummond is the whole world tricking then? Whole world just reporting junk? Sure I want to know more. My.medical family say covid all to real

  3. Its not about fear- its about the math. 40k cases from 3 million people makes your odds of getting it .013 (99.987 you won’t even get it). Now- 670 dead from the 40k cases makes your odds of death if you get it .016 (99.983 you live even if you get it)…so you if you are a normal citizen going about life 670 deaths from 3 million people) your odds of death are .00022. That’s a 99.99978 chance if living- just sayin’.

    1. @BTC Mewzik Being that no one is dying from flu anymore or other elderly illness’ I would argue that the numbers could just as easily be flawed the other way. I would also add that we are past 1 year now and they are still adding as opposed to starting over again which is what normal flue statistics would do.

    2. @nanah p You are assuming facts not in evidence. Texas had completely opened and their statistics are going down down down. I can only do the math with the #’s they are giving and the above is accurate to date (which by the way is past one year and we are not start over as a normal statistic would do). Thank you-

  4. Some persons just don’t care but as I say we are in a critical condition with so many who are playing hero sad sad sad

  5. Much of the outcome depends on each person’s immune system. Alcohol use, smoking not eating properly will cause negative effects.

  6. Well glad you now know it is real but I am making sure me do everything not to have it because everyone who catching it is going to mad

  7. I really feel it for you that you catch it hope you don’t get the after effects that’s it’s bring after

  8. How u see it so true. Many do recover. However it is life ending for the 1 Or 2% whos immune system is down and out. Yeh if your one of those u see this virus in a whole new distressing light. :@

  9. Plz spread your experience all over cause alot of Jamaicans still not taking heed .honestly things didn’t have to reach that point because in the beginning they had it under control but the ppl them was just out and about acting as if everything is normal.

    1. Hi stacy
      U keep talking too. Ppl get upset over other views and that’s to be expected. Important that we keep the information going. Much filters out in time thats false.
      Does anyone do research in jamaica?

  10. Listening to the lady, I have to ask these medical question from the looks at your bed situation with Oxygen therapy.
    1) How often you wore your mask, sometimes, for most of the day, only when you have to?
    2) Did you ever notice you had difficulty breathing during the day?
    3) Did you ever notice, the inside of the mask felt moist and hot and suffocating.
    4) during your hospitalizations, was your main problem was difficulty breathing, as if you are breath from your entire body. This will feels like needle pinching you all over, similar to people with anaemia.
    5) Do you know what’s the negative effects of C02 on the body.
    6) Have you ever heard of a condition call “Respiratory Acidosis”?
    If you read this, will love to get a response.

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