COVID-19 vaccine won’t be mandatory, but those who don’t get it could face restrictions: Elliott

COVID-19 vaccine won't be mandatory, but those who don't get it could face restrictions: Elliott 1


  1. “Hey, we’re not going to make this “mandatory”… but if you don’t… by your own choice because you’re free and all that… you can’t attend the regulars of life (air travel, border crossings, certain employers, concerts, sports etc.)”
    Something stinks realllllly bad here.

    1. @atomixfang Well now you’ve dropped yourself in it with your logic ! we must now be able tell all the illegals about “privilege’s and rights” when they dump them back over the border and tell them to go away. They have more “privilege’s” in our countries than we do that pay for them being here, with our taxes in lots of cases !

    2. Article 6-1 .Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice. – Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

    3. @Mama C8736 Stop copying and pasting the same comment. This isn’t the same thing as a Drivers License and stop saying it is just to calm your own anxiety about this.

    4. @atomixfang You’re not Canadian are you? It IS a right; the government cannot stop any Canadian from leaving or re-entering the country; this is why land crossings are closed but flights in/out are still happening, even as I type this.

    5. @Jimmy Jimmy and to further back up your point. There is no such thing as a “heavy equipment license” in Ontario. Yes you can take a course but most employers won’t hire just because you took a course. Its nothing like a drivers license

    1. You wont be traveling internationally without it so pump it and stop overthinking it. Just hammer the cocktail and go💉

    2. @wendy Chee stop being anxious. what _exactly_ is wrong with injecting your driver’s license? i think it’s sexy and chic. discuss.

    3. @Mama C8736 is that really the justification you’re making? I think all the vaccines you’ve taken through your life have crushed your critical thinking skills, if you had any to begin with. Smdh.

    1. If you live in a society you have choices. However the society can place requirements such as having a driver’s license, wearing seat belts, not smoking in public place and other requirements. Do not like this. Then you may face restrictions or penalties.

  2. I am concerned by the notion that “Those who don’t get it could face restrictions”.

    Are we going to need to have papers that have to prove vaccination just to go to public spaces or something?

    I don’t have any problem with getting a vaccination when it becomes available to me, but I have a rather big problem with living in a society where at any time someone might tell you “papers please” just for the privilege of enjoying local recreation.

    I can understand that getting a vaccination might be required for international travel, but the idea that not doing so could restrict what a person even does locally is deeply concerning to me.

    1. I am more concerned about the notion of living in a society that could arbitrarily demand “papers please” when simply wanting to enjoy local recreation facilities

  3. It won’t be mandatory, but just remember that without it you won’t be able to:

    -shop at stores
    -go to work
    -eat at restaurants
    -go to concerts, sports, movies etc
    -go to the doctor
    -go to school
    -get a drivers licence
    -get on a bus
    -get on an airplane
    -get on a boat
    -get a bank account
    -rent an apartment
    -stay at a hotel
    -enter buildings

    that’s all, no big deal.

    1. The companies that are developing all of these vaccines don’t even know if taking one actually prevents transmitting it to others. Politicians are citing scenarios that may never occur. Or changed once they are voted out, never to return to the political stage.

    2. As opposed to the vast amounts of freedom you are currently experiencing in the midst of this pandemic? Or have you not done any changes to your lifestyle to try to not get or spread the virus?

    3. @Marylee Macpherson Canada is democratic alright. Every person one vote. No matter how stupid that person is. And since 60-70 % of every population in the west are stupid we can say that stupidity rules.

  4. I am not an anti-vaxer…. I will wait until the required safety protocols are completed…. so hopefully the public campaign also includes information on when the safety data will be compiled & completed…. should be another 4-5 years for that!

    1. i want it thoroughly tested on many MANY defenseless starving children before i take it for myself. my body is a temple. shazaam!

  5. Unable to watch hollyweird movies? Warner already announced all releases will be online. Not able to go to Mcdonalds? Vegas? ok. LOL! This politician is nasty control freak with faulty testing data.

  6. Really! Voluntary with restrictions so basically mandatory if you want to move about freely and go to public spaces. What a bunch of BS!!! Just say what it really is instead of skirting the truth.

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