1. @MC 4052 follow the money. Corruption everywhere. Can’t make money from cheap generics. Front line Doctors treating Covid say IVM works.

    1. All the elite got their jabs early. They’re old enough to know that they wouldn’t be here without vaccinations.

    1. JFC! If you knew how it was invented & how it’s been used for over 30 years, you wouldn’t dare try it. It’s pretty damn deadly.

  1. Please check yesterdays FDA Letter of Authorization(pdf). EUA extension only. Seems like vax misinformation! Thanks

  2. Yup, they’re same people advocating for Ivermectin or the horse dewormer.. We put ivermectin on our cows for flies and it’s Antiparasitic not antiviral..at least worms won’t be a problem when they get Covid.🤣

    1. We had cattle we used it on & I remember there was a warning about avoiding drinking the milk & eating the meat for so many months after use.

  3. Funny cause Israel published an article in JPost about using it as a covid treatment. Romania is using it and has low covid cases.

  4. For me none of those sources are credible. MIT study on rNA the Salk Institute and the rNA patent owner would be more credible.

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