1. he talked about free stuff, voting rights…He is letting the talibans to dictate the terms…talk about it and answer press questions…as usual he ran away…. Shame and embarrassing!!

  2. Today, I’m proud to be an American. I feel good for the first time in a long while. I’m sorry for those of you who don’t.

    1. @southern belle which one? The former President that made an agreement to withdraw our troops or the President that had to withdraw our troops because of the agreement the former President made?

  3. With him in the 3years America will be on a heat ,is easier to evacuate them than to keep them in their own country.

    1. Hello, I was going through the comment section when I came across yours. Thanks for your sincere comment.
      How are you doing?.

  4. Let’s see what happens to the United States on September 11. I’m sure they have a deal with the Taliban to attack the US.

    1. He’s not bragging; he’s making a statement of how he’s cleaning up the results of the agreement with the Taliban (while the Afghan government was excluded) made by 45.

  5. We should keep our people in Afghanistan when previous leaders have left the country. We do not need more American young people dead.

  6. Stumbling bumbling confused old Joe’s reaction to questions by walking away is symbolic of what he will do to Americans stranded in Afghanistan

  7. You’re doing great Pres. Joe Biden evacuating out of Aghanistan and letting the Afghanis decide their own fate. I wouldn’t even leave a US Embassy there, and I’d send the Afghanistan Embassy and all their personnel home. Let the Aghani people in the US use the Indian or Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC — Victor Isaac Alexander

    1. What choices did we really have on presidents we are all in trouble no matter what president we would have had

  8. Wow, he’s a liar… background checks… why would he worry about that now, he wasn’t doing background checks with all those immigrants coming in our country from Mexico, why would he give a crap with everyone coming in from Afganistan

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