Kathy Hochul has made history as the first female governor of New York | USA TODAY 1

Kathy Hochul has made history as the first female governor of New York | USA TODAY


Kathy Hochul becomes first female governor of New York following Cuomo's step down
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Kathy Hochul is making history as the first female governor of New York after former Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepped down amid sexual harassment scandal.

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  1. She didn’t win the election. She won the privilege, that’s not an historical achievement. But carry on..

    1. @S H So you don’t want it to be called historic. I get your point.

      Now on another point : do you agree that societies are patriarcal ?

    2. @Aard Reo LOL! Okay. This is where the conversation ends for me. You’re proving my point in real-time. You have one thing to talk about (patriarchy), you probably only examine it from one point of view and just ‘know’ that you are correct without any real, meaningful introspection. Do you pull every completely unrelated subject into your world view on patriarchy? I hope not because that would be a very monotonous life… Good luck to you.

    3. @S H So, you don’t answer the simple question.
      And you don’t seem to appreciate the subject of patriarchy.
      Do you want to talk about sexism and feminism ?

    4. @Kekistan3025 Yeah I know. As this reply string goes on, it just gets weirder and weirder. Like @Aard Reo, are you really a person? It’s like chatting with some NPC A.I. You keep trying, but can’t seem to grasp that I’m not letting you steer the conversation into your database of pre-programmed questions and responses (of completely unrelated subject matter).

    ***LET”S SAVE BURMA*** TKS !

  3. So this is what? Some sort of accomplishment? Being handed Governor because your prededessor was caught being a pos is not an accomplishment. It’s just being in the right place at the right time.

    1. Hi,
      It underlines the historical patriarchy. That’s why it’s historical.
      I hope you better understand the situation now ?

    2. @Aard Reo I said nothing in reference to historical. Never mentioned it. I pointed out that being handed something by default and having a vagina is not an accomplishment, historical or otherwise. So she will go down as NY’s first female governor because she showed up to work and the previous governor got caught being a turd? I hope you better understand the situation now……

    3. @James Dollar Thanks for your comment.
      It’s an accomplishment, yes, but it’s also historical. That’s the point: it’s historical in that regard. It’s why it’s in the title of the video.

    1. @Dingle Berry born and raised in NYC, even without the harassment scandal Cuomo was always a thug, this lady looks the Karen type and I’m not thrilled to have an appointed bureaucrat take power. She looks the type to crack the whip of the party line, she has no allegiance to the people we did not put her in power, this is BS.

  4. She’ll make real history when she’s actually elected by the people of her state. Until then it’s just a hand me down. Anyways, good luck New York.

  5. Good luck with that dump, I’m sure she’ll fall in suit with the great track record of her predecessors 😂

  6. She wasn’t elected and she’s less qualified and as bad as Cuomo politically. She traveled around during the original lockdowns doing tourist travel shorts. Useless.

  7. Congratulations to the new governor of the NY state I hope that you will destroy all the criminals in NY and you will be the ones to bring much peace to this city

  8. “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” John‬ ‭3:17
    Jesus Christ is returning soon accept him as Lord and Savior ❤️

  9. So she’s a “woman”…..and she will help the state how? Cuomo has brought it to a point of being irreparable…..I’m guessing she will do nothing more than carry on that legacy.

  10. Lol you are joking? You need 500 federal investigators to scrape at the surface of the Cuomo crime family. It’s general.

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