1. If millions of people in Afghanistan and only 60,000 Taliban, why can’t you all take them down with kitchen knives? Thanks.

    1. @NeoSolomonX that was already given to them when Trump gave them everything they wanted and got nothing in return. The only bigger loser than Trump are his supporters.

    2. @NeoSolomonX When the last administration signed the peace agreement with Taliban there were 13000 US troops in the country . You mean to say every soldier had access to at least 5 different vehicles ? Hmm , who would’ve known .

    3. @Dennis Brooks You’re using truth and facts with an internet troll or 🇷🇺🤖. It’s a waste of time trying to correct their lies.

    4. @Dennis Brooks the word “knowledgeable ” and Trump supporters are an oxymoron (which they’re likely asking for as a COVID treatment).

  2. Really!!! I suppose hi think they will get icing on the cake to. Pathetic and repulsive, underestimating people this way,

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply because you’re clearly the real CIA director in the new Trump administration that was sworn in last week…

  3. Air-Dropping Supplies Into The Panjshir Valley Would Help

    The Resistance Is Called The Northern Alliance

    1. American Taxpayers are expected to bailout the disaster created by Biden’s Afghanistan?

  4. dont you wonder how the Taliban took Kabul in 2 days without vax passports or mask mandates? must be a miracle!

    1. The miracle is that you can find your way home unsupervised…perhaps their raging fundamentalism is due to using “UV light in the body” or livestock dewormer as treatment of COVID-19. Don’t see you fighting for anything other getting free extra large fries with your roadkill burger.

  5. CIA’s.. Bill Burns… sounds good to me! (It’s a tight deadline for the American military and the population of Afghanistan!) Holy smokes! I hope this works. Yup!

    1. Yes, I remember Jan 6th. The car fires, capitol buildings on fire, the multiple fire fights with hundreds of bodies in the streets. OMG, don’t forget the 4 day hostage situation…

    2. @Randy Ward all the big kids can distinguish the difference between violent attempts to assassinate the #2 & #3 of the government in a coup and private property damage, but yea randy you and the other toddlers can play word games until yer diapers are full, have fun 😉

  6. “Trump made the worst agreement in history with the Taliban” Hugo Lorens, Former US Special Charge’ d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan

    1. He tried to invite them to the US, the week of Sept 11! Hard to be surprised after he saluted a North Korean general, but that is something I’ll never forget or forgive.

    2. Mike pompeo went. There just to mess up president Biden’s presidency,they did this and I’m thinking president Biden might have intelegance about something trump has done and this is why president Biden is so in a hurry to get the troops out,the media think they know everything,but they dont

    1. Rumsfeld let Bin Laden escape Tora Bora & refused to accept the surrender of the Taliban in 2001 & 2003. Bush pulled troops away to start a pointless war in Iraq, based on lies. GOP congress members allowed mission creep in both wars, to line defense contractors pockets & failed to add the costs to the budget expenses, refusing all attempts to modify or cease the open-ended NDAA.

  7. given the enormous dependency of the Afghan economy on international aid, the new rulers have a great incentive to be cooperative now and in the foreseeable future.

  8. “air cover” was hardly the reason for the collapse of the Afghan security which occurred largely by deal-making not fighting.

  9. I am reminded of the withdrawal by the British 1st air landing corps across the Rhine in Arnhem.. at night.., under direct fire of the 15th? Panzer army..🤯
    And of those who chose to stay behind and to it cover it and the wounded…🌹🌹🌹🌹

  10. I feel like this whole thing was a political trap because if Biden would’ve said no we’re not gonna follow the Trump plan we’re going to stay in Afghanistan for a little bit. The conservatives would’ve freaked out and called Democrats hypocrites for not being antiwar or something like that so I think either way this whole thing was designed to get Biden some criticism.

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