Gov. Kathy Hochul Sworn In As New York's First Female Governor 1

Gov. Kathy Hochul Sworn In As New York’s First Female Governor


New York Post Albany Bureau Chief Bernadette Hogan comments on the swearing in of NY Gov. Kathy Hochul after Andrew Cuomo's resignation.
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  1. Just curious why the total news blackout on Afghanistan nothing live coming out of the country, hearing horrible stuff is going on in Kabul.

    1. @segun ojo The US has interest in nearly every international conflict. Any country that accepts US money or weapons are subjected to possibly getting invaded or sanctioned.

    2. @segun ojo I’m just explaining how it seems like the US functions as the world police. That’s partially true, but for the most part it fights proxy wars and economic warfare on behalf of corporate interest and its allies.

    3. @segun ojo Yes. I have. In fact I went to war an became disabled for that fact.
      Please tell me how much YOU cared.

    4. @Secondary Containment Am sorry sir and thank you for your service sir we going to bring everyone back home and it’s time for us to move on from endless war and focus on a bright future for the country sir. God be with you and thanks for your service let us stop all the blame games.

  2. United States’Supreme Court
    Zucht v King 1922
    Schools have the authority to deny Students that have not gotten the mandatory vaccines.

    1. @SNESLIVE I remember when you silly scrubs said that about Hillary when she was running. Said she had a brain tumor and was dying. Still alive though.
      It’s the Obamacare death panels and FEMA concentration camps all over again. lol, you’ll believe anything.

  3. ok now lets start with HAZARDS PAY for essential workers in nyc, not these dam concerts, distraction always at hand

  4. Oh, wow, a whole female? Haven’t seen many of those around… All of NY’s problems are officially solved.

  5. Glad MSNBC is giving this so much attention…I might forget that MSNBC LOVED Cuomo! Oops…just remembered that MSNBC doesn’t want to report on the Afghan debacle since they also supported the Biden/Kamala ticket which is now a debacle! MSNBC – so much bad propaganda in so little time

  6. Honestly, i think she’s gonna focus moreso on upstate than nyc, being that she’s from there, which i can understand since nyc gets the bulk of everything.

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