COVID nurse comforts dying patient in family's absence | USA TODAY 1

COVID nurse comforts dying patient in family’s absence | USA TODAY


In addition to adapting to the pandemic as a nurse, Amanda Baetsle has also learned how to comfort her dying patients in their family's absence.

Calling a patient's loved ones to notify of their death wasn't a skillset Amanda Baetsle had before the pandemic hit. But Baestle knows that what she's learned will only make her into a better nurse.

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    1. @Orlando Sablon III thank God you’re a vessel to remind ppl it’s definitely Real . I thank GOD you’re sharing your experience. Take care of yourself CONTINUOUSLY. Love to you & your family

  1. Is there anyway that the Nurses can do a FaceTime call and record them, for the last time? Or just a recording, if that’s the case.

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    1. Don’t get attached to your work. Work is work. Paycheck is all that matters. This emotional crap is nonsense.

  3. Lord Have Mercy I Love her..You’re a GOD sent. You’re in my thoughts heart prays…You’re such a Blessing to your patients, families co workers, to me as well. Take care of yourself much as possible.. Continue Blessings to you & your family you’re a Winner. Love

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