Covid Surge Leads To Worries Hospitals May Have To Ration Care

With Covid cases of unvaccinated patients filling hospitals in southern states, there are concerns among medical professionals it could mean people with other ailments may not get the care they need. Dr. Phyllis Mason of Natchitoches Regional Medical Center
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  1. Kids used to be protected in our first world society. Now we are going out of our way to put them in danger. I’m very sick over this, stressed to the point that I almost can’t even speak. My loved ones don’t Really want to be around me because of my attitude but I am spent.

    1. @Sonnie Smiles Link to any study anywhere on any vaccine ever, having long term effects. I’ll wait…

    2. Me too. My 5 year old daughter force breathing holes covering when kindergarten begins. She’s unvaxxed and will remain. They will NEVER get their disgusting, vile predator hands on her.

    3. My daughter had a cold twice maybe, hasn’t been sick a day in her 5 year life. Over years I’ve watched friends and family members always bringing their kids for all the shots and I’ve listened and watched many of them dealing with all kinds of health issues. We are an non movable hard NO. Pennsylvania code has exemptions , parents strong , moral objections, if they change code she won’t be attending the indoctrination camp anymore. They have better chance getting me jabbed which will NEVER under any circumstances happen then they do her. They get her over my dead body . I haven’t complied with a single thing yet, I refuse to wash my hands before eating. This only ends with mass non compliance, not going to happen because of the division intentionally created. We are being conquered.

    1. That’s right. You got it.

      You have the vaccine, so you don’t need the hospital…plus, since there is no vaccine for the Delta variant, you technically are unvaxxed for that. I

    1. But their profits!? Have you no shame. Corporations are people. How could you do that to your fellow “man”? You socialist! /sarcasm

  2. They should prioritize heart attacks and other serious conditions over the unvaccinated. Those people don’t deserve to be at the front of the line.

    1. I agree.
      They should prioritize all other diseases before COVID as well, then the unvaccinated.

      The vaccinated already have been exposed and have the virus in their bodies. A cup of soup and rest is all they need.

    2. @Cognitive Supreme no, people should be held accountable, no beds, kick out the unvaccanated first, makes sense

    1. @Lewis Lewis Best economy in quite some time?

      Please get me some of whatever you’re smoking.

      It must be good…

  3. The hospitals and staff have a right to triage patients – placing unvaccinated adults at the bottom of the list. If an emergency patient needs a room – boot the unvaccinated adult Covid-19 patient (without a valid medical excuse for declining the vaccine) to the curb!

    1. @Austin butler so what you are saying is that if you have the vaccine you have no excuse to get hospitalized? The next time I’m septic I should stay home? When I was septic in 2016 I almost died from it and spent time in the ICU and a month hospitalized. That year I was hospitalized 8 times and spent a total of 3 months in the hospital. You are aware that COVID-19 isn’t the only reason people get hospitalized. I’ve come close to death several times between sepsis, renal failure, pneumonia and massive blood clots. So between that, COVID-19 and people that abuse the hospitals for a broken fingernail (I was a medic for 10 years and I got called for a broken fingernail with 5 cars in the driveway🤬🤬🤬🤬) and other ailments like the common cold for 3 hours and so on and wanting the pain medication that starts with a “D”.

    2. @Debra Kleid there we go fixed my comment to include “for covid” I forgot some people can’t put 2 and 2 together…

  4. You need to give priority to patients who have gotten the vaccine. Sorry the rest of you need to wait your turn like you choose not to get the vaccine.

    1. @Cognitive Supreme to my knowledge no one claimed the vaccine would rule out infection. And that has become even more true with the delta. You are not right. Vaccines were warranted, weren’t effective, and that effectiveness has lessened with the mutated strains. One can’t defend their prior refusal to get vaccinated without out denying the objective data posted by the cdc. We failed to vaccinate enough of the population and limit mutations. Now anyone and everyone will likely be infected….. thise who didnt get vaccinated will burden the system by requiring more costly treatment hospital care and some may die. So the choice to evade vaccination remains a mistake on many levels, not just individually. I beleive if you wait a little longer, it will become clear to even those who dont want to admit it yet. So sad.

    2. @Stephanie Hutchinson They all said it. Even Burden said it at the recent town hall. You’re wrong again.

    3. @Stephanie Hutchinson That the shot prevents you from getting and spreading the virus. Keep up please.

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith its ok when i was 6 i was affraid of needles too. It’s not that bad, they may even give you a lollipop

    2. @doppler check it out yourself UK doesn’t hide such information saying it ain’t so calling people Liars that inform you of of the fact doesn’t make it fake

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith delta kills at higher rate , younger people and does more damage. what do you think will happen in the coming years with that amount of lung damage? early onset copd maybe.

    1. At least recycle a different troll account khabrahov goleeeboi stepanov
      Lmaoooooo 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. I can’t imagine what it must be like for medical staff to be confronted with this. There are even a few mentally deranged people out there ( can’t find any other way to describe them politely) saying that hospitals are actually killing their Covid patients !
    Others are claiming that the two police officers who took their own lives recently following the events of jan 6th were ‘suicided’ on purpose.
    Is there no end to this lunacy ? How do people let themselves get so warped ?

  6. Yellow vest activists angry over perceived economic injustice, far-right supporters, medical staff and royalists.

  7. Once Upon a Time people in Authority in the community used to talk about witchcraft and say that we should burn little fifteen-year-old girls alive at the stake and crowds of people came out and cheered and demanded it they didn’t need any proof of witchcraft they were afraid and just wanted to watch little girls burn to death to feel safe…..
    Now read this comment section…..
    One may wonder if anything has really changed ?

    1. @madmanszalinski LMAO !!! Scientists are people who are paid to do a job. They will do what they are paid to do and they will say what they are paid to say. It has little to do with conservatives or liberals. And mostly is about money. However your comment went a long way to demonstrate my point exactly. Having been told who to be afraid of you are ready to see those people hurt so that you can feel safe. As I said it Bears a striking resemblance to a 400 year old uneducated and illiterate peasant mentality. have a nice day !

    2. @John Sampson I don’t know what invisible point of yours that I proved, but you also kind of outed yourself as a science denier with that whole “they get told what to say so it’s all about the money” thing, maybe I should be thanking you for also proving my point t

  8. Americans MUST demand that all the leaders of the American Academy of Pediatrics should resign and the organization be investigated. They continue to state that COVID-19 is not a threat to American children and basicallly demanded children be sent back to school. They also refused to hear the plea of teachers who were at high risk. Now children are dying in record numbers thanks to COVID-19.

  9. This is the worst case scenario. ICU beds are full so the ER gets overrun, which means heart attack, accident victims, and others might not get seen for hours if at all.

    Get the vaccine people. If not for you, your family, or your community do it so if you or anyone you know has an accident that you can get ER treatment as fast as possible to save lives…

  10. Unpopular opinion? Maybe those that deny it exists, joke and mock being cognizant of others health, anti maskers- maybe they be triaged as if maybe we can see you in a few days when we have more room? Compassion sometimes only goes so far 🤷‍♀️

  11. 0.2 percent that’s the mortality great of the Delta very another words exactly the same as the flu

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