Facing Calls To Resign, Cuomo Now Under Criminal Investigation 1

Facing Calls To Resign, Cuomo Now Under Criminal Investigation


Pres. Biden has joined the long list of public officials calling on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo after a damning new report from the state's attorney general detailed sexual harassment allegations made by 11 different women. Philip Rucker, Yamiche Alcindor, and Cynthia Alksne join to discuss.
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  1. I’m confused. Last time I checked it was his own party asking him to resign. I’m pretty sure the sentiment is pretty bipartisan actually.

    1. @Uriah Heep So we are back to the grade school “No You” remarks? Great constructive criticism there, I’m sure you have contributed enough here that most will be intellectually stimulated and learn something from this grade school level remark, run along now.

    2. Experts Warn Of New ‘Cuomo’ Variant That Is Dangerous To Young Women, Fatal To Elderly
      – “This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet,” said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters.📺🐑

    3. Blah blah blah said a cute little clown named~”@Sven Konig”. Cry & whine, little guy!👋😃 🙄

    1. @andreas pedersen Cuomo passed an Executive Order that forced nursing homes in New York state to take COVID positive patients during the very height of this pandemic in 2020. The Executive Order was worded in a way that said denying COVID positive patients in a nursing home was “discrimination”. Look it up, I’m not even kidding you.

      Trump’s behavior? The media has been trying to make him look as bad as possible for several years. I still haven’t seen anything that is even in the same universe as this Cuomo dirtbag.

    2. Experts Warn Of New ‘Cuomo’ Variant That Is Dangerous To Young Women, Fatal To Elderly
      – “This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet,” said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters.📺🐑

    3. @MOCOHO -JONNY and they ignore immoral and illegal behaviors because policy “Trumps” all. Am I right? Can I get an “Amen?”

    1. @onlythewise1 boy they got you right we’re they want you stay scared stay scared let me guess you’re sitting in your mothers basement playing Xbox you have three masks on waiting for symptoms

    2. @Rockie mountin nobody pushed the Covid deaths up to get rid of trump”.. it’s not other people’s responsibility that trump handled the pandemic so poorly.. actually, in many countries where the government handled the pandemic well, their approval rates went up, not down. Trump had his chance. He showed that he just doesn’t have what it takes to lead a country through a crisis. All he cared for was the stock market and to “look good”. It’s not the fault of the “left” that he is not able to handle a difficult situation.

    3. @Rockie mountin I think the scared one are you and your fellow conspiracy theorists and trump-cultists who are sitting in your mother’s basements, thinking the world is run by an evil cabal of satan-worshippers and looking for a “saviour” to guide them in a world that becomes more and more complex.

    4. @b16d4ddy55 awww are your feelings hurt lol.. since you’re pro Cuomo I’m sure you’ll be donating his defense fund.

  2. Just remember, the media tried to hide all this for over a year, let the man sell his book, let his brother keep working at CNN, and worst of all let him get away with murdering seniors.

    1. @J GetsCensored Gee I thought Fox was “America’s most trusted news network” Seems just as dumb as what you said. As if CNN wasn’t going to cover it. Lol!!!

    2. @8bit Flea Lol. “We”? Your crabs don’t count as people. Since you have no proof of anything you yammer, I’ll take your deflection as a win for me, son. Don’t you clowns ever get tired of getting owned by facts?

    1. @MatterIsNotSolid and tbh I wish you’d say it to my face! I can guarantee you your mouth would eat a concrete curb 😉

    2. @MatterIsNotSolid don’t tell me I’m the slime of the world! I’m sorry that I base my opinions on facts! Don’t be a keyboard gangsta and start insulting people! Cause I give it right back!

    3. @Derek S Oh…so my death is warranted over calling you slime. Well thanks for proving my point. Best.

    4. @MatterIsNotSolid I really feel like alot of his supporters need a small a** whooping. Itl humble you up a little bit 😉

  3. If he “broke several federal and state laws”, why does he still have his job? Why is he still allowed to ruin New Yorkers lives?

    1. @Linda Spisak With the entire democrat party, and 99% of the news media leaning left, they tried to find evidence against Kavanaugh and found nothing. Meanwhile cuomo had his nursing home death investigation squashed as a favor from biden, and this sexual harassment inquiry is barely getting as much attention as Kavanaugh.

    2. @Tēōdēdē They haven’t stopped. NYC is still a crumbling warzone compared to what it was under before cuomo and DiBlasio.

  4. When will they arrest him? Oh, never because he’s an elite. New Yorkers need to stop tolerating this kind of unlawfulness.

    1. @Bill Jones Hey Bill to bad you didn’t have anyone in the nursing home then maybe you would show a little respect for people THAT did. I’m get sick of fools like you ,get back under your rock and stay there we would appreciate it.

  5. The cabal and the press created this devil and now they are turning their back on him. He did what he wanted and they allowed it. He may be found cabaled, he ought to sing like a canary and turn on them before he can’t. Thug

  6. I’ll be glad to see him go but am disappointed that it’s over being a greasy horn dog instead of a greasy incompetent politician whose decisions killed vulnerable people.

    1. Well, as a conservative woman, I don’t fully disagree. I would just rather it be about both. If some guy I worked with touched my belly and slid his hand over to my hip, I would have started fist fighting immediately. Job be damned.

  7. If Coumo won’t bow out willingly, it’s time to impeach him and prosecute him to the full extent.

  8. So we’re just gonna report now about his perv stuff and ignore the mass murder?
    Read the room. The public knows you’re running cover for this guy. The narrative is OVER. Give it up.

    1. @TheHopetown I agree, but was there a ‘bonus?’ Doing away with the oldies is one way of purging medicare and social security.

  9. Every single person that hung out with this guy needs to be investigated they’re part of the problem they knew what was going on the whole time

  10. Fleccas talks had a shirt “arrest Cuomo” for these accusations nearly the entirety of 2020…. He was ridiculed for making it.
    You, as a reporting agency, and your contemporaries are jokes!
    We new about this sleazeball for over a year and we were already calling for his resignation!

    1. Hi, I’ve heard this before, would you please explain what this means? Sorry but I really don’t understand. Thank you for your reply

    2. @Sister Becky In late March of last year, Cuomo instituted a demonic policy of sending infected patients into nursing homes, and FORCING the homes to take them! He also attempted to cover up the actual # of deaths from this action.

      The mainstream media have been running cover for him since….both avoiding the story altogether, and offering distractions (such as the video above).

    3. @gwreeves1987 Reeves .. Thank you so much! I keep seeing people accusing him of killing the seniors and I didn’t know why. Wow that doesn’t even make since.. why did he send infected people to NURSING HOMES!? Strange times. Thanks again

    4. @Sister Becky Of course….what we’re witnessing is an information war, and the truth being silenced by all the mainstream (read Deep-State-owned) platforms….YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, even LinkedIn.

    5. It’s only a distraction if you choose, many are responsible for the failed leadership from many different areas of professionals, regarding the pandemic, can Americans handle 2 allegeged criminal acts at once, no? What if there were more than 2 criminal acts, that’s either stupid or intentionally stupid

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