1. Thank you president Trump for operation wrop speed. We now will see what happens with this sleepy joe booster shot.

  2. They’re bringing the troops back to force Americans to take the needle! They’re coming to your door! Martial Law starts September 11th!

    1. That’s not true according to the latest news…boosters will be for EVERYONE if they got vaccinated 8+ months ago…

  3. We also need a digital passport so we can make sure everyone is keeping up with there required booster shots

  4. “Cmon guys….take this 25th booster shot, we promise you after this one that you’ll be fully vaccinated!”

    1. 50% of us didn’t want the first ones. We don’t want boosters. If the vaccinated are so bullet proof against this virus, why is it necessary? Oh, because they are getting and spreading the virus. Amazing how many drug companies have boosters already to go.

  5. If the booster is 8 months after the second shot then do you have to wait 8 months to get next years shot? That would make the shots at different times of the year every year.

  6. The government is not going to keep the tax payer flipping the bill for these shots… eventually, you will be forced to pay out of pocket or hope your ins. will cover the cost. I hear the cost could be quite expensive too…

    1. Dude government doesn’t care…they will just pay the vaccine companies and invest in those companies..win win

    2. @George Gerswin It’s my understanding they have no intentions of continuing to pay for free shots for people. Just saying…

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