1. so what has the Afghanistan people learned in 20 years while the American government was there apparently they didn’t learn a damn thing. their own president feld the country. while the taliban has taken over in a few months.

    1. their vice president just retook a city from Taliban, there are still people want to fight for their life and freedom, but they now learn never trust the US government.

    2. Totally agree, I think the Afghanistan should had enough training, my concern is getting people out that’s what the US trained these people to protect them selves, I believe this whole thing would have happened anyway terrorist were just waiting for us to leave

  2. Biden’s staff needs to learn to use those projectors line Reagan used. Reading statements is really poor communication practice.

  3. Well…she reads well…not too many stumbles, but it would be nice to have people well versed enough about the subject to talk with us…

  4. You. An start the education about women with your staff behind you….men don’t get cut off like he cut off the woman reporter…

  5. Your staff did not allow the woman a follow up question, but did the man…and thus after he promised to get back to her…

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