1. @cham fefe if you want to know the truth, look up the military games 2019 where they were held and who was there. BIOLOGICAL weapon? yes!

    1. @That comment guy the “old GOP” was still bigoted and still suppressed voters and was still hypocritical and still lied

    2. @That comment guy Really!! I liked having more choices. I’d love to actually vote for someone who I’d LIKE to see become Pres! Now it’s only choosing from the lesser of two evils. Small wonder many don’t bother to vote…If both options suck, I guess go third party…but lately the stakes have been way too high to do that. I relate closer to dems idealogically, but if a great rep came along with some good sound policies, I could get on board with that!
      And I totes agree about the keeping in check part, tho I feel that way about both sides…I don’t trust hardly any of them, now.

    3. @peachesandpoets here is the big lie and conspiracy like Cuomo… at the end stupid Cuomo said “ collusion is not a crime” … if collusion isn’t a crime then “illegal cooperation in order to cheat or deceive others “ isn’t a crime? no wonder Cuomo families, CNN and hypocrite radical left keep colluding… voter fraud must be a collusion

  1. Trump should have his platform in a courtroom and see how far Trump gets with pulling the wool over the Judges eyes.

    1. If that’s a pre-existing term, I’ve never heard it. Is it “trying to make a claim about something that just doesn’t exist” ?

    1. Right. What the eff is he talking about? No collusion? Voter fraud? Of course he has to say these things because trump is watching and if this idiot conservative were to agree with Cuomo then trump will not show up, because he has to have his ‘red carpet’ of lies and crap leading up to his entrance. I guess most commentators were right, this nonsense hasn’t just ended with trump out of the white house, the fight for truth and accepting reality is only just beginning…

  2. If Uncle Jed was talking to Matt he would give that “This feller is dumber than a barrel of buckshot” expression.

    1. Chris was darn strong in not letting Matt Schlapp get away with his BS. Chris’s attorney skills came in handy in being able to strongly refute that Trump bootlicker.

    2. Notice he never accepted the offer to see the proof. Let the guy show what he has on live TV and expose his “big lie”.

    1. @Mikkel Petersen Globally, folks think CNN is more trustable than FOX, NewsMax, and OAN who clearly are batshit. Open your eyes, look up media and news sources OUTSIDE your country to get a different perspective. But if you think the whole world is in on the conspiracy as well, than there’s no helping you. All I can say about that is we have better things to do than to muck about with your politics. We’ll report on it, but if you think we’re engaging in some massive conspiracy…you know what? We are. I’m sucking the blood of your baby right now in fact. Deal with it.

    2. @T Bone t bone I am a democrat that vote twice for Obama / biden ok, now we have 140 millions voters registered all toguether ok, trump got 75 millions vote ok, is impossible using a calculator that Biden got 82 millions votes, obama got 63 millions because many Republicans voted for him, if you take 75 out 140 you will end with 65 millions is impossible Joe biden got 82 millions, is not possible it doesn’t matter you hate trump or not is math.

    1. How to be a GOOD conservative:
      1. Believe Earth is flat
      2. Believe every conspiracy theories
      3. Owning a lot of guns
      4. Believe climate change is a HOAX
      5. Support every lies and fight the truth
      6. Support mistreatment of women and childs
      7. Support insurrections against government

    2. @Red Prince it is very sad conservatives are going that way. All the sane conservatives should stand up against the insanity.

  3. the mail-in ballots were only sent out to registered voters ………… they weren’t sent out to just everyone. shut up ya gaslight

  4. They’re going to keep this lie up even no matter how much people tell him it’s a lie so they could do voter suppression

    1. Actually I’m a bit confused on that. So when millions of Americans on the left said that Trump was not their President. Now what do you say if some on the right say that Joe Biden is not their PRESIDENT?????????

    2. @William Steed I think when lots of Democrats said” Trump is not my president” means they didn’t vote for him. But none of them claimed he didn’t win the election, with the help of Russian or not. Hilary conceded within the day. It’s Apples and Oranges you are trying to equate.

    3. @Erica Harrison very true. It’s kind of ignorant to say an American president is not your president if you live in America, regardless of whether you like the person. Facts are facts.

  5. Here in Canada, every citizen of legal voting age gets automatically registered and sent their ballots well in advance of Election Day. And guess what, it works out perfectly fine for us.

    1. Well yeah, it’s true he is the president. Imagine if he would be running around claiming “not my president” like an idiot.

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