Cracks found on tails nearly all of Canada's newest military choppers 1

Cracks found on tails nearly all of Canada’s newest military choppers


Inspection and repairs are ongoing after the discovery of cracks found on 19 Cyclone choppers. CTV’s Creeson Agecoutay reports.

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    1. If your leader paid me $200,000 I could design build and furnished the steel.
      And I failed science and so will my helicopters. But I am Buddy Buddy with the leader, so everything is ok.

    2. @Tomcat5837 That’s funny because it says on the Government of Canada website these CH-148 Helicopters were procured May 2021 typical Liberal blaming others for your mistakes.

  1. The records show that Canada and its staff are super awesome at their jobs… with no mention of any applied standards!

  2. Most scary thing in the world is military helicopters. Definitely gonna buy my own and never fly someone else’s.

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah
    … niice excuse for explaining all the buyandsell operations that imply domestic attacks….😉

  4. ‘Billions’ spent on military procurement with only millions showing actual product, and when the tire-valve covers cost $500/piece – when is enough ‘enough’?…

  5. Oh, they’re used. There’s no news here. Did you know that ALL aircraft need to go for an overhaul every few years for this very reason?

  6. I remember when i was in we got new 5 ton trucks, “brand new” apparently and already rusting………….go figure

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