"I'm being treated as a criminal" | Travellers furious over new COVID-19 rules, travel chaos 1

“I’m being treated as a criminal” | Travellers furious over new COVID-19 rules, travel chaos


A temporary exception for Canadians travelling from South Africa is in place. CTV’s Heather Butts reports.

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    1. @Jonathan Gould just because someone wants to label them as monsters, lock them into places, tattoo them and blame the worlds problems on them doesn’t make them naci’s… oh wait 😉

    1. What pandemic? There’s only hysteria. Manufactured hysteria.

      Who is Fauci’s wife, and why is she key to this?

    1. @Daniel Hanson I know that however, things were easing up with respect to travel. There are two sides to this.

    2. @Max Weinbach So lol, just because something “can be, does it mean it should be”? Just because something is permitted, doesn’t mean its safe. Do lol you smoke to8acco? Its permitted

    1. @Layla Layla and if conservatives were as bad as Trudeau I’d be calling it out aswell and never said Libs as its their crappy leader and his stupid policies thats the problem

  1. Now they all know what being unvaccinated feels like, and all the blame to unvaccinated, and all the isolation.

    1. @Max Weinbach that’s what they do in North Korea…you know Trudeau would love to have that kind of power

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