Craig and Marc Kielburger testify before the House Finance Committee over Student Grant Program


  1. They seem very keen to answer questions when it is being asked by a Liberal.
    They seem very ill prepared to answer the question from another party.
    I hope they provide answers to the questions they evaded.

  2. Jeez, even his brother is watching in amazement at how this guy gaslights with such a straight face.

  3. Breakneck speed sounds like a dodge. Did justin teach them drama lol oops he only teaches girls.

  4. The clown even tries to speak like trudeau, what a “were more important then you” attitude. Ive never heard anyone so shamelessly self promote

  5. I’d like to point out that Canadian taxpayers have paid almost a billion dollars for public servants to stay home during the pandemic. Not work from home, just stay home and do nothing. We all lost our jobs, our businesses, took pay cuts, but not these guys. Oh and many public servants are still getting their mandatory 7% raises.

    And now we’re apparently needed to spend another billion for a 3rd party to run some garbage program? This stinks worse than my alley on garbage day.

    1. Don’t blame the Canadian government for not laying off the public servants blame the unions the public service Unions are some of if not the strongest and most powerfulest Union in Canada

  6. What smug faces. With the same arrogant attitude of “we are virtuous and better than you” just like Trudeau and Morneau.

  7. They laughed all the way through this questioning….arrogant entitlement & corruption…this represents all that is wrong w/this country…

  8. They are admitting they want to brainwash your kids into being little activists in the first 60 seconds of THIS video. Get these creeps away from your kids trust me. Defund WE charity.

  9. This isn’t testimony. It’s a statement with no cross examination.. Totally useless pathetic joke.

  10. There needs to be a massive Revenue Canada audit done on this “Charity” and all it’s associate company’s

    1. Let’s have a federal agency investigates the prime ministers friends let’s see how that turns out we need is an independent third-party

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