Crime Fighting in Jamaica | In the Inner City | TVJ All Angles - Nov 17 2021 1

Crime Fighting in Jamaica | In the Inner City | TVJ All Angles – Nov 17 2021


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  1. I was also a victim of the incompetence of the JCF
    I tried to help a hit & run victim and after 5 days I was accosted and placed in handcuffs by a member of the JCF accusing me of being the hit & run driver
    my car was seized and sent to the harbor view police station along with myself
    upon arrival, the officer that arrested me was asked by another officer from the harbor view police station “who is this man” meaning me
    witch got me confused because when I was being placed in handcuff I was told that there is a bolo out on my car yet the office never even knew my name yet he claims to know my plate number, but my car is registered in my name and address
    anyway, long story short, all that happened was I was told to just give them a statement about what happened, and then I was released, during the incident, my mom heard about it and instantly paid a lawyer 20k to come to the station to represent me when he got there he was told I am not under arrest and I would be released as soon as I’m done giving my statement
    so the lawyer did nothing more than walk right back thru the door
    plus they held on to my car and I had to pay $21,500 to get it back
    even after several trips to the central police station begging for help
    they did nothing but protect their own
    I wanted to report it to the commission’s office
    but someone told me life is short and sometimes you do things that make it shorter so I left it alone.

    1. @Damario Wilson mi seriously feel like it’s just a 9 to 5 & hustling for them now, no more (serve protect & reassuring the citizens of their safety) SMH

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