Crime Worries in St. James, Jamaica | Fire at Constant Spring Tax Office | TVJ Midday – June 7 2021

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  1. MR Edmond better you did shout yuh mouth yuh only makes thing worse for the Government y’all just respect tourists them party but not we the Jamaicans citizens

  2. Crime worries is in many of these troubled communities for a very very long time and the government is just putting butter on these criminals in stead of a whip. Punishment.

  3. It appears as if it is the criminal running jamaica,the i read is that all members of gang was set free,Jamaica will be 60th years old and things are getting worse come on people show some respect for the land we love greatgreatest country

  4. I desperately wanted to return home to Jamaica but with high crime rate I don’t think that will be possible. There are so many residents abroad who who wants to go home and would significantly boost the economy but discouraged by the horrendous crime epidemic.

  5. Mocha fest is an embarrassment for the Jamaican government. No Investigation is needed because they know who/what and where to go to find the source. Up til now, no one has been fined or arrested and it’s all because these people are from abroad. SHAME SHAME on the ministry of tourism.

  6. I strongly believe the government should provide all the necessary gears for fishermen across the island of Jamaica with better techniques and boats that can handle the current of the sea and weathers.

  7. Bredda even the fish gone into quarantine because they want to be safe for us to eat. Hopefully this problem will eventually end and fade away but it will take the people who’s hardheaded to stop getting together in crowded streets to make it happen.

  8. Every time I see anybody from the national works agency appear on television or radio look out a disaster is coming

  9. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALLπŸ™///….

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