Crisis in Haiti | State of Siege & Uncertainty | TVJ News - July 7 2021 1

Crisis in Haiti | State of Siege & Uncertainty | TVJ News – July 7 2021

Haiti was plunged into turmoil Wednesday morning following the assassination of its president at his private residence.

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    1. I know people who live there and are very happy being there. Not everything you see on tv is true

    2. @Ahmahkyah Nunya haiti is a big place its just devided that man can only stay in his area if he leaves his top security have to seround him haitien people don’t play when they kill people

    3. No more please that’s what started the gun for weed trade please we love all black people now they need to go to France and fight

    1. Well yes ofcourse killings are horrific but the prime minister of a country is no ordinary man. He’s not like Joe down the street who has no purpose.

    2. @Shąv GrímCïtý of course all live matter. There’s no debating that. It would only make sense for a person in authoritative position like a prime minister or president to get more attention. Kennedy was also no ordinary man. Princess Diana was no ordinary woman.


  2. When back people get fed up don’t try to control them black people a green a lizard change color in a second

  3. Jamaica need to donthis to corrupt government even though haiti crime is lower than jamaica but jamaica is higher .haiti people got fed up too much kidnapping rapes and people still suffering from all these years only rich people can servive in haiti so people have spoken take out the promister he’s corrupted his time was up and he still remain in power.this was the help of C.I.A agents. If jamaica start doing this the island would come better once the people start to wake up and deman change

    1. It’s in fact a common lie told abt Haiti crime lower than jamaica ..Haiti crime figure is for port au prince only ….don’t let them fool u

  4. This what happends when you give guns to poor people to fight each other and have gangs ties and not doing nothing for the poor people then you have to be taken out simple when rapes and kidnapping starts and killings people would have enough

    1. I think people get it mixed up. I found myself calling him president a couple of time but it’s the wrong title. Haiti has prime ministers and not presidents. Maybe president of an organization.

      Edited: I found this information
      The government of Haiti is a semi-presidential republic, a multiparty system wherein the President of Haiti is head of state elected directly by popular elections.[1] The Prime Minister acts as head of government and is appointed by the President, chosen from the majority party in the National Assembly. Executive power is exercised by the President and Prime Minister who together constitute the government.

    1. Horrific statement.Irregardless of your political affliliations which Prime Minister can you say deserves to be taken out like that

    2. @marmackk u must be a big jlp supporter ur like ur priminister no one should have and opinion or a remarks the person free to say what they want to say

  5. He was not a good president and he took advantage of Haiti. He over stayed his time in office and acted like a dictator. Haiti is moving in the right direction and Jamaica should learn something from our brothers in Haiti.

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