1. New York Times / 3/20/21:Where Europe Went Wrong in Its Vaccine Rollout, [and Why Trump Administration’s Warp Speed won the day.’]

      The calls began in December, as the United States prepared to administer its first batches of Covid-19 vaccine. Even then, it was clear that the European Union was a few weeks behind, and its leaders wanted to know what they could learn from their American counterparts.

      The questions were the same, from President Emmanuel Macron of France, President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission, and Alexander De Croo, the prime minister of Belgium.

      “How did you do it?” Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the Trump Administration’s vaccine czar, recalled them asking on the calls. “And what do you think we missed?”

      Since then, the rollout gap between Europe and the United States has only widened, and some of the countries hardest hit early in the pandemic are facing a deadly third wave of infections. France, large parts of Italy, and other regions are back in lockdown. Roughly 20,000 Europeans die of Covid-19 each week.

      Brussels, by comparison, took a conservative, budget-conscious approach that left the open market largely untouched. And it has paid for it.

      In short, the answer today is the same as it was in December, said Dr. Slaoui. The bloc shopped for vaccines like a customer. The United States basically went into business with the drugmakers, spending much more heavily to accelerate vaccine development, testing and production.

      “They assumed that simply contracting to acquire doses would be enough,” recalled Dr. Slaoui, whom President Donald J. Trump hired to speed the vaccine development. “In fact what was very important was to be a full, active partner in the development and the manufacturing of the vaccine. And to do so very early.”

      ‘Not Equipped for a Gunfight’
      The European Union trailed the United States and Britain from the start.

      Washington had already spent billions on clinical trials and manufacturing by the time Europe decided to pool its resources and negotiate as a bloc. In mid-June, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive branch, announced a joint vaccine purchase with a $3.2 billion pot.

      In Washington, Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s vaccine program, had a $10 billion budget. European officials say it’s unfair to compare the two figures because neither amount is a complete picture of all the money spent on vaccines. But there is no dispute that in Washington, officials had decided that money was no object if vaccines could avert the economic cost of a lockdown. Europe, on the other hand, was on a tight budget, so its negotiators chased cheaper doses.

      “Pricing has been important since the beginning,” Sandra Gallina, the E.U.’s main vaccine negotiator, told lawmakers in February. “We are talking about taxpayers’ money.”////::////////

    2. @Willie Nillie Seriously? Are you really asking how a criminal could buy a gun without a background check? Is that what you are asking with a straight face or are you trying to be funny?

  1. I constantly struggle to understand why good people die the most undeserving ways. Yet we have disgusting evil liars going about continuing on with their disgraceful ways.

    1. Because the world is a proving ground where we decide wether we are going to heaven or hell and God often takes those who become righteous at an early age.

    1. @Sam Miller The books were pulled by the publisher after a sustained bullying campaign by your cancel culture. That is mob justice. And yes multiple Democrat districts banned the books. Chicago was the last.

    2. @mark malinowski soooo, as long as it isn’t a tank. Got it. No. LEOs are often able to own fully automatic aeapons, grenades, and other dangerous weapons not available to the public as it is. Which, as mentioned, is a direct violation of the 2a.

    3. @SPZ Aruba There was _no_ bullying campaign. You are seeing things where they don’t exist because you are unable to cope with reality. Stop making things up.

    4. @Sam Miller You have not been following the story. The publisher did not show up one day and say “Seuss kind of pisses me off”. The cancel culture jerks did what they do and decided they wanted to see what they could get. And some publishers cave easily. The freaks just needed fresh fish.

  2. Oh dear God am so so sick of hearing Ted Cruz, he needs to b shut down some way, please someone in the government do it,

    1. Voting is the only way.

      In his case, Texans want him to do and say all that he’s ever done as he’s recently got voted back in. He’s just doing what they told him they want through their votes.

    2. Another stage event done by democrats so they can push laws to ban guns. We see this a lot under Obama era LMAO

    3. The climate change activist can’t even stop the snow from happening, aoc and gerta thumberg is a joke lmao 😂

  3. Who wants to tell Ted that Minority Report wasn’t a documentary and there aren’t psychics that can see crime before it happens?

    1. @Ash Roskell No not a bot. Yes, Do know… Which apparently you do not> Like Cruz, No “Substance” to your reply?

    2. @AA GEE As much as is Demorcay Socilislam or Socialism Democracy or Socialism Republican or Republican Socialism. Now add Fasiscistism to the mix. Accumulation of the Corporations Management. Activating corrupt economical processes to follow. History has Identified this failure more times than once. Now add Communism, where all of the laborers’ prosperity is assimilated to the 1% to decide who and what gets how much of the pie. Religions have been doing this since day one. Now observe the various Red Socialist right-wing governments throughout the world. Notice how each exhibits similar characteristics. Notice how the Fascist & Communist governments operate. One will call itself Red Socialist Russia another will call it Red Socialist Communist China another will call it simply Communist North Korea. Yet the bottom line is the same. All wealth & power to the FEW to rule over the Majority. Interesting that they all fly their colors with Red Banners. Now observe the Red party of the USA. Since their first Great Depression of 1893 up to their 1929 Great Depression onward to 2008 Great Global Recession & Trumping it all off with a Red Socialist Fascist Coup! Why all these failures? Simple. Who pays to bring back the economy? Do the Coffers of the 1% open and share to get the dynamo of prosperity to once again be fully operational. Hint Who paid $750 Billion to Wall Street for their Christmas parties. Celebrating their Global Failures of the world economics. No, the 1%er’s coffers only receive & hoard their ill-gotten goods. If this is true then where do we stand with other nations on this prosperity issue of mankind? {World Bank’s GINI Coefficient} All wealth to the FEW to Rule over the Majority remains the mantra of Red Socialist Fascist Communist Republicans of the USA. Observe how they parcel out their American Pie… Then show me where my interpretation has faltered. Explain it to me as you have your piece of pie…https://digg.com/2020/wealth-inequality-pie

    1. In every case, there are a plethora of signs that signify a nutcase far before their acting out violently. People just don’t pay attention, until it’s too late.

    2. @Pro 2A everytime I on youtube am realizing my messages are getting deleted…if my messages are stupid and not true it shouldn’t get deleted…my messages cannot do any harm to anyone…Its amazing to see it got deleted….its like whoever deleted it doesnt want the world to know the truth…if it is not the truth then it shouldn’t get deleted…so much lies on youtube and never gotten deleted but mines get deleted…must be a right winger to delete my message am assuming…..its amazing…am sorry I cannot answer your question because it can get deleted…my answers hurts many

    1. Im not the smartest guy, but if US wanna stop mass shootings, how about take out the guns first. Then the murderers wont have anything to shoot with.

  4. I adore Brianna Keilar. Even though I’m older than she is I still aspire to be just like her when I grow up.

    1. @Tara Panchoo Yes, and she does it with intelligence, education, composure, dignity, and grace. You are absolutely correct – she doesn’t suffer fools gladly (actually she doesn’t suffer them at all! Lol), & she doesn’t pull any punches. And whenever I see her do it I throw a couple of punches in the air as a symbol of solidarity and respect for a sister who deserves it.

  5. I really don’t like wishing bad things on people but I hope the next shooting victims should be people close to Ted Cruz & his pro gun cronies! May be they can understand 😡

    1. You can’t control day to day , but you can prevent certain things which the FBI failed to do with this case in CO . Also look into the bill Cruz introduced in 2013 that the dumb democrats failed to pass for stricter gun laws ……..

    2. @Pro 2A you really want to talk about Ted Cruz’s bill…..this is like the 3rd comment I’ve seen to troll on about it……you look thirsty..just saying do whatever you want with that info. lol

    3. @gabriel milagro Has nothing to do with thirst but the fact that everyone is so quick to talk trash and put blame where it’s not needed . The democrats only solution has been nothing or a full on ban . The real problem is never looked at which is society and mental health .

  6. “If you want to stop these murders go after the murderers???” WTF……, wait till some nutcase with an assault rifle goes absolutely nuts and then go and catch him.

    1. @Michael Morningstar oh thats great, decreasing the availabilty of drugs guns alchohol prostitution has worked so well before. problem is, its a constitutional right, so you are ok with a right being less available?

    2. @CoconutKev Yes I am extatic to have guns less available, and unlike your other examples guns are easy to regulate. You can’t make guns in the bathroom with a tenth grade education moron.

      Nothing in the constitution says you can have so much as a handgun, let alone assault rifles.

    3. @Michael Morningstar guns aren’t that difficult to make, any machinist can do it. but as long as we have an open southern border, you aren’t really going to keep anything from coming in.

  7. Cruz must just pray and hope that his family or people that he cares for.does not become ” victims ” of these random ” shooters/ murderers.

  8. How he’s managed to get to this point without someone just plain smacking him in the face is beyond me. Not advocating, just stating a fact.

    1. @End The Matriarchy Men use their fists, cowards use guns. There, fixed it for you.

    2. @Lieutenantlibtard UnitedStatesSpaceForce here in the US, we have a separate part of government to prosecute ppl.
      cops arrest ppl and refer the charges to prosecutors, judges don’t prosecute, the are impartial referees between the prosecutors and the defense.

      i believe but am not sure in other countries judges can prosecute cases. here they cannot.

      also there are almost no leftists judges int he US. the left in the US would be considered center right in Europe.

    3. @V for Wombat I’m aware of that , i framed my statement that way as a reference to judges that let it happen lol

    4. @Lieutenantlibtard UnitedStatesSpaceForce “to judges that let it happen lol”
      err, judges are bound by the rule of law.
      i get conservatives don’t believe in the rule of law.
      I do.

  9. Every time there’s a state emergency in Texas. Ted Cruz gets out of the state… and goes on a vacation!…

  10. Is this guy still around?? is he talking about himself? he is an expert on ridiculous theater !! please go away!!!

    1. In whom are you referring, Cruz?? Lol you do know the Democrats are fascists right?? You do know that they are socialist fascists just like the Nazi party and that you don’t have to be white to be a fascist, right??

  11. Best line last night from Brian Williams. There are two kinds of people in the Senate, people who hate Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz.

  12. The real story should be “Why was this guy on the FBI watchlist?” and “How was he able to buy a firearm?”…

    1. @Kathy Kettner I’ve been delayed on my background checks my entire life because of 1 D.U.I. I got as a kid, so we have a bureaucracy problem not a gun problem

  13. Ted who cruzed to Cancun and left Texans to die in winter talks about some theaterical play of life and death.

    1. @JAE ESS Just a reminder that Blue states pay more money to the federal while Red states do quite the opposite, depending on federal funds.

    2. @Alex T In what taxes you have to be working to pay taxes. And what that USA today article didn’t tell you was that in the top 25 recipients it is pretty much a mixture of red and blue states and the top 25 of givers are also a mixture of red and blue states it mostly depends on the economy of the state and the populations ability to pay takes at the time. And those are grants to help individuals thru Medicade, Medicare and food stamps not to bail out over promised state retirement and pension funds or to build city owned subways and build a bridge named after Chuck Schumer.
      or to private colleges with 44 billion dollar endowments isn’t that like of a voucher to Harvard you know private school government money.

    3. @JAE ESS I didn’t read a USA today article, i was just going off of memory of what I’ve previously heard. But you did disprove your original inference that blue states are dependent on the government. The top politicians are always corrupt, regardless of party.

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