1. The bald guy with a beer gut they hauled out in cuffs is the shooter? He’s the oldest looking 21 year old I’ve ever seen in my life.

    1. @Justin jeffery Cramer: It happens. Check out the Menendez brothers and Dr. Phil when he was young.

    2. Will he be punished with free food and healthcare for life ? Or will he be really punished with voting rights a stimulus check and free college ??? See the problem ?

    1. Mid 40’s please. I’m in my mid 40s and damn sure don’t look like that. That crackhead and future firing squad victim is pushing 55!

    2. The appearance is important. Yes, don’t forget the bodies. Never forget the consequences. But look at what caused the consequences. Shooters almost always have a terrible self-image, something that devalues in their minds the lives they have. Whatever “cause” they tack on is just gravy. That’s not to say that body image is everything, but it sure does go into how you feel about your life. These shooters crossed lines that no one should cross, but in a better world they never would have approached that line.

    3. @Sky Castrum in a better world, we would teach people to “get the F over it” and suck it the F up. They made their choice. I know plenty of people with lower than ideal self esteem, and not one has had a thought of violence because of their own pathetic insecurity. Wanna know what REALLY causes these things? When media and politics collide. Not a single one of these mass shooters wasn’t either far left or far right. All of them eaten alive by politics and media. Their souls suffer not because of what they see in the mirror, but because of what they hear from their stupid TVs

  2. So both this guy and the Nashville bombing guy were on the FBI watch list and yet they still did what they wanted. I’m thinking this “watch list” needs to be revamped.

    1. @Eric Manget given a chance, I’m sure some of the states could do much worse. But it’s worth a try.

  3. This is why mental health is so much more important than we give it credit. We need to do better for everyone.

    1. @Honest Man He immigrated from Syria… Next time watch the whole video before replying to comments

  4. I bet the fbi let this happen like letting some people who just wanted to learn how to fly a plane but not land one.

    1. @Amy Walker Nobody’s just “passing out guns”. There are relevant first-hand accounts from leftist journalists who were under the same impression and quickly discovered how rigorous the process actually is. As well, automatic weapons are not sold to the general public; you are mixing them up with semi-automatics like AR-15s aka single-shot, not spray-action, which btw are also not assault weapons (a made-up term with no consistent definition). I am not American but this much I do know so please educate yourself better on the issue. Your comment betrays a complete lack of knowledge on the subject.

    2. @Amy Walker The truth of the matter is most of the time when people are purchasing fire arm they never show themselves as mentally deranged because they will automatically be shot back by the store owner !

    3. @Amy Walker this is another by product of the NAFTA trade agreement. It unintentionally paved the way for a more easy transport of illegal guns & narcotics from both directions across the border.

    1. @Vanta Black I’ve worked at a drug rehab center dude, to tell you the truth! Does that makes sense now???

  5. CNN is leaving some key points out. Why is it in this case the talk is about gun control, while the Atlanta shooting was all about supposed ideologies.

    1. They always leave out key points. They so badly wanted the Atlanta shooter to be racist and a Trump supporter BUT turns out he was just a deranged sex addict murdering bastard who did NOT commit a hate crime. He did NOT target Asians because of their race and CNN left out the other victims because they don’t fit their narrative. As for the Muslim Boulder Co. shooter who posted about Islam and ISIS, they deflect to gun control because they can’t focus on him being Non White and Non Christian and a Trump hater. Twitter meanwhile is saying it’s ok to spread disinformation about Akmed abcdefg. Liberal idiots live in a different realm and it’s always ok to them to blame everything on guns, racism and white people. Democrats are hands down, the most disgusting disease that has infected the minds of Americans. Facts don’t matter to these people.

    1. @Kenny McCormick So the government didn’t take the guns away in most parts of Europe, and Australia or no? Hitler took the guns, as well as many other dictators in recent history. How does being aware of that make me or anyone else a conspiracy theorist?

    2. My husband was shot in the calf where the bullet went “through and through,” and he almost bled out before the ambulance arrived and left a trail of blood as he crawled from his first floor apartment to the front door of the building. The guy in this video, according to the Boulder Police Chief, was shot in the thy “through and through” It’s doubtful the shooter would be able to stand at this point and would have left a blood trail as he was escorted.

    3. @Simone R Yes we do. And guess what? We don’t have any similar problems at all. I can’t remember when was the last time something similar happened.

    4. @Kenny McCormick How many people live in your region, and what is the cultural, and racial make up of your region? There are roughly 330 million people in the United States. From various cultural backgrounds, and class designations. Europeans always think they are better than the US but look at your government, and institutions. You embrace globalization. Which will inevitably destroy your nations. Yet you want to point your fingers at the U.S.

  6. This is tragic on all levels. My prayers go out to survivors of the deceased, but especially to the 7 children of the slain officer. This will stay with them the rest of their lives.

    1. Sadly in a fallen world that belongs to Satan and his people, we receive a lot of bad things that we don’t deserve .Life isn’t fair too or for many people.

    1. Doesn’t matter, if he was White and the victims weren’t this would be called a hate crime (it is) and the scum at CNN, et al, would embark on another crusade to turn the rest of the planet against White people, AGAIN increasing hate crimes like this one against them. CNN and the other MSM are responsible for this and every other rampage they barely cover due to the races of those involved.

  7. if the guy is ‘mentally ill’; and, the family sees him sitting in the living room with a machine gun…
    if he were bullied, were the people he killed the bullies?
    maybe he was upset with the world… does that justify ‘mass killings’?

    1. No there’s all the answers out there in the world we have the internet school books and advanced technology seems like he didn’t love him self.

    2. Will he be punished with free food and healthcare for life ? Or will he be really punished with voting rights a stimulus check and free college ??? See the problem ?

    3. He needs to be punished he was never really there if you know what I’m talking about 2014 is a long time filled with Hate.

  8. Hes friends in high school says he was bullied for his religious faith, more reason to teach religious acceptance

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