Cuban Activist Describes Being Detained Nearly 24 hours During Protests

NBC's Morgan Radford reports on latest of the situation in Cuba and speaks with Cuban activist and poet Amaury Pachecoon on conditions in the country after he was detained for nearly 24 hours for protesting. 
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    1. According to World Atlas only 9.4% of the Cuban population is black. The largest group by far is white (European ancestry) at 64.1%.

  1. First time I’m actually seeing an Afro Cuban , wow!! Typically the face of Cuba has been European/Spaniard Cubans in Miami

    1. @Victoria Mccrackenthat’s Democratic socialism there not even socialist Denmark is a open market capitalist economy which allows private business sweden Norway Finland aren’t even socialist that debunked

    2. @Diego They are a Welfare State with tax-payer funded healthcare, child care, education and business loans. This is what I want

    3. @Victoria Mccracken that’s not socialism that’s more like a social democracy or mixed economy based on capitalism for example Norway and its Nordic model isn’t socialist it’s actually more close to capitalism than socialism there was a time that Sweden has something similar to socialism but it failed so Sweden cut government spending ect. So your asking more for a mixed economy which most mixed economies like in Scandinavia are mostly mixed economies with capitalism explains why there so successful

    4. @Diego Yep. I want “cuddly Capitalism’”. I believe in private ownership of business but the power of the Big Business must be controlled. They control us now. I also believe in a wealth tax

  2. As a Gringo who speaks Spanish as a second language, Cubans are the easiest to understand for me. I wonder if it’s it more than just dialect.

  3. When are Biden and Harris going to apologize for their terrible crime bills that gave many African Americans lengthy prison sentences for non violent crimes?🤔

    1. Biden and Harris are experts at separating children from their parents.
      Kids in cages at the southern border.
      1994 Biden Crime Bill.
      Over 25 years of oppression against POC’s.

  4. God bless the people of Cuba! The long-suffering beautiful people of Cuba God bless you all my prayers are with you always! Power to the people! But I also have to say I am so grateful now that we have Hispanic newscasters, It’s about time we see some of our people up there prominently telling us the news! Viva la Latinas!

  5. Just an FYI:
    Illegals crossing our southern border are held less than 24 hrs before being released into the interior of the United States with no future court date to hear their case for asylum. Only a promise or comitment to show up to ICE facility at some time in the future is required.

    1. Nope. If they have family or sponsors they are released for a court date. No family or sponsors, you’re on a plane back to your country.

  6. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid 🤪

  7. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid 🤪

  8. Afro-Cubans are dignified folks- I’ve never run across one that goes into victimhood mode, unlike others. Always stressing unity of all people, no reference to race.

    1. By treaty, he can only respond to an aggressive act against the US by Cuba( Cuban Missile Crises). Ball’s in their court

    2. @Victoria Mccracken America’s main export is war your economy depends on it…haven’t you worked that out yet?

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