Secretary Blinken Discusses New Program For Afghans To Come To U.S. 1

Secretary Blinken Discusses New Program For Afghans To Come To U.S.


Courtney Kube reports on the latest in the aftermath of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
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  1. Why wasn’t this program for Afghanis aiding the Americans put in place a months ago? And why make it so difficult for them now while Taliban advances?

    1. If you paid attention to the new rules regarding who we are accepting into our country, they don’t have to have even worked with us in our fight against terrorism anymore.
      They can get sponsored by ANYONE here in the US, which means political activist groups can vouch for them for any reason and they can be accepted into the US.

  2. So all of the troops that have lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan, against the Taliban, died in vain. So very sad. Why didn’t trump allow our military too do their job, finish off the task? Bigger question is why did the former 2X impeached president lackey have our military attack Americans on our home land?

  3. So we couldn’t get our interpreters out, so now we’re accepting anyone and everyone even if they didn’t work for our government to help fight terrorists?
    Wtf is going on….

  4. Winkin stinken Blinken added “ We have told the Afghans that the southern border is wide open!”

  5. So these asylum seekers who are being slaughtered have to prove that they meet the definition of an asylum seeker AFTER they get themselves out of Afghanistan and then wait a year before they come here?

    Meanwhile, at the US southern border.

  6. Can we talk about improving the lives of Seniors on Social Security before we talk about improving the lives of Afghanistan?

  7. This is disgraceful! America used these people to do the work needed to save the lives of Americans. We should not abandon these people who trusted the American government! This is just like us abandoning the Kurds. It is not good. We are losing all credibility in this Hot Seat of the world. It is not good.

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