Cunningham: Chauvin Defense Is Putting The Victim On Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Michael Anthony; What does that mean? What language are you using, what is normal about you, why are you so silly?

  1. When will we learn the results of the drug tests the cops must have had to take immediately after this criminal act?……oh wait, they didn’t drug test the cops? Wha….? I believe Chauvin had to be high on something to be able to act with such callousness.

    1. No, Chauvin wasn’t high; he is just a monster.

      I know there are loads of really good officers out there in America who actually believe in the ideals of “protect and serve”, but cops are people. If you get a large enough group of people together, you’re statistically going to get some really awful people in that group along with the good ones. That’s why we need to hold bad cops accountable. When bad officers are held to account, it’s a lot easier for people to put their trust in police because they know bad actors on the force won’t just get sheltered and shuffled around.

      In the long term, the practice of defending terrible people on police forces just makes it harder and more dangerous for the decent men and women who got into law enforcement to help make their communities a better, safer place.

  2. The witnesses from the neighborhood were not distractions, but fellow citizens trying to save Chauvin from his own worst instincts. Chauvin should thank them and apologize for not listening.

    1. The race soldiers did their job that is lynching a blk man on camera like their old demonic racist Pappys use to . Im surprised that didn’t sexually assault Mr . Floyd b4 murdering him .. This is what devils do …

    2. @UCoLdc_l-m263zvsh5yZgREQ the fire fighter was requesting the dirtypigs render aid. she was professional in her request

    3. @Michael Anthony @michael anthony. slimey nelson was trying to intimidate and discredit her. she rightfully defended herself. how was she not professional by requesting the pigcops to render aid?

  3. But, I’m confused. I’m not sure why she made this a race thing. This is what the judicial system does. I’ve been in court on more than one occasion where something from my past, that was dropped to a lower degree crime, was brought up in it’s original form. So, the prosecution brought up the original past charges even though I was not convicted, to help strengthen their current case. That in turn, helps to sway a jury. The dirty game the system plays.

    1. lock him up is not enough, the system has to change of else they just start killing people in a different way to avoid accountability…

  4. Derek Chauvin threatened by bystanders? The Derek Chauvin who had his hand in one his pocket and seems relaxed? Are you really serious?.

    1. His hand was not it his pocket it was on his leg, he had on black gloves. Known information for weeks if you’d just stop watching mainstream media.

  5. chauvin’s defense is that he had to hold his knee on george floyd’s neck for 10 minutes, because floyd was a big man hyped up on drugs resisting arrest while he lay dying a natural death due to extremely frail health.

    1. The Irish pulmonologist – Mr Tobin – said that this is not the case. And Mr Floyd wasn’t hyped, he had negligible traces of Fentanyl in his bloodstream. He stated that a healthy person would have died from the force and weight exerted, and the duration of that force

    2. @hmmcinerney i know, hun, i know. i was just illustrating the ridiculousness of chauvin’s arguments.

    3. @Nonya Bizness
      His defence team have no other potential avenues to go. Even the best lawyer can not help him with a true account of the evidence. We have to hope the system works the way it’s supposed to. Of course it doesn’t stop this from being any less disgusting.

    1. Oh typical of an Arsewipe racist.. STFU your country is a Disgrace and a Embarrassment. Shithole racist amerikkka..!!🖕🏾

    2. @Bling 22 MY country? Why do you think I’m American? And why do you think I’m racist when I can clearly hear her being illogical? I don’t care what her skin tone is, it’s her WORDS that show her mindset.

  6. The prosecution has presented enough evidence to justify acquittal. Plenty of reasonable doubt exists just based on the prosecution’s phase of the trial. The defense will put this one away and if the jury are honest-minded people, Chauvin will found not guilty.

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