Defiant Gaetz Tells Women’s Group He Won’t Be Intimidated | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Defiant Gaetz Tells Women's Group He Won't Be Intimidated | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @John Farmer No, I’m an ex-lifelong Democrat who finally woke up to see how corrupt both the Democrat Party and the MSM are, and how anti-American they are. Tell me when either have shown their support or love for this country. Never! They both work for their communist/gl0balist masters. You need to wake up!

  1. “They ain’t really coming for me, they’re coming for you” now where did I hear that before? Of course., his mentor ‘Don the Con Hump’.

    1. Are you happy with the child sniffing puppet Biden? Weird how this media doesn’t talk about the horrible things found on Hunter’s laptop involving children. You will know about it when this lying media can no longer hide it.

    2. @Patric Wayne 😂😂😂😂 Was it really a Leftist Democrat who gave the nickname “Sleepy Joe” to Biden or came up with “Crooked Hillary”, “Lying Ted”, “Little Marco”? 🙏⛔️

  2. “They won’t be coming for me, they will be coming for you.”
    DOJ: No, we don’t care about those people, they are no one. We are coming for you, Rep. Gaetz.

    1. Using the vacuous quote from the pathological liar and proven grifter perfectly sums up this cretinous worm, and even when you put these allegations aside you are still left with a rotten to the core spoiled brat…..Much like the piece of garbage he idolized!!!

    1. And scoundrels. Would love them to make an episode of that. Would definitely watch. Should make one on Trumps scamming the people out of their money and show all of his scams too. Will be watching the documentaries as history unfolds the TRUTH PREVAILED.👍

  3. Day 80! What a good number.. look at Matt Getz trophy girlfriend! So sad for her 😞 Everything has it’s price 🤮. Maybe not his girlfriend but an employee? Just realizing…

    1. Funny how he got engaged right around the time the investigation started. I bet If he’s not indicted he’ll break off the engagement.

  4. I’m just hoping this doesn’t end up dragging along for months and we get some developments in a timely manner

    1. @annette bogert only Trump supporters would stoop so low to defend literal child molesters. Why are so many Republicans child rapists??

    2. Timely? Like Clinton investigations! Will anyone chant “lock Matt up”? No, just for left leaning folks.

  5. “Women I will not be intimidated by you”, “No, I mean I will not be intimidated by the media”. LOL.

    1. y’all criticize Fox for having Kelly McEnaney or however you spell her name As a contributor, and y’all watch MSNBC who has Cohen on all the time? Sad how you can’t look in the mirror because the view is too ugly. Thanks.

    2. @MilkCow LOL, says the milkcow. lmfao that is pretty funny to think others are ugly with that name.

    3. @MilkCowYou’re attempting to employ some equivalency between a current Trump crony and a former one who has done his time, still has more legal troubles ahead, and denounces the man.

      What are you trying to get at?

    1. @Nicolas Kowalski there’s still no evidence of any illegal action so why don’t you be quiet until this supposed investigation is over and he has either been exonerated or we go to a trial

    2. @D Can True, but at least she’s not apart of the MAGA cult where reality doesn’t exist, she actually lives on planet earth.

  6. Well, Mr Matt, only time will tell whether this ends badly for you. But regardless, I think a LOT of people have REALLY gotten a good deep whiff of your persona, of what makes you tick. Don’t worry, mate, Fox or OAN will hire you in a micro-second. You could do in-depth special reports at Teen Beauty Pageants all over the world! 🤢🤮

    1. @Virgo Good, good! One potential candidate down then. I’m just struggling to think up a job for the guy, if it’s not with one of those talking-head spin-shows. A Carny, maybe?

    1. @Yara P. N. de Sa What does Hunter Biden have to do with anything? Is Hunter in government? No, now shut up. You people don’t have a leg to stand on, bunch of hypocrites, suckers, traitors, losers, racists, bigots and terrorists. All you people do is lie and deflect, you can’t face reality, you are too weak.

    2. This is how the Repugnants work,@John Mags. They point fingers and call names with no policy, no platform, no governance at all. This sure isn’t like the e Eisenhower days. These dirtbags would be in federal custody back then.

  7. “…they’re not really coming for me, they’re coming for you.”
    Nah buddy, I think they’re actually coming for you.

    1. @Keith Crowell Do the democrats or is it ICE and border patrol? You act like it’s AOC down at the border meeting them 😂 still the same people that were under the Trump adminstration, which is scary becauae we know some children are sexually assaulted under his adminstration.

    2. @John Mags they are also the same people that were under Obama, and potentially Bush. They weren’t hired on the spot by Trump. They are only following the rules of the current administration. If it were ICE, or border patrol doing it on their own, why wouldn’t this administration just go down to the border and clear it all up? Please start using your brain.

    3. @John Mags you’ve been screaming Russia, Russia, Russia for the last 4 years! No one takes you seriously anymore.

    1. @M JP what criminal activity these are just allegations nothing has been proven no charges have been made

    2. @Patric Wayne it’s funny how you believe every allegations against Democrats but turn blind eyes when is your party. You really can’t fix stupid

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