Cuomo Accuser Charlotte Bennett: He Tried To Gaslight Me 1

Cuomo Accuser Charlotte Bennett: He Tried To Gaslight Me

In a new interview with CBS News, Charlotte Bennett – one of 11 women accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment – says she believes the Democratic governor tried to gaslight her. Cynthia Alksne joins to discuss.

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  1. He def thought we all forgot and that he’d be in the clear, until that report came out.
    Just do us all a favor and resign.

    1. @LauraBeeDannon You’re pivoting from an entirely separate topic but, yes, as I understand things there may be merit to your assertion.

    2. @Thomas Raywood Not may be…
      Definitely…and I am very angry the doj stopped the investigation…WHY??

    3. Many people are saying that Trump sexually assaulted a 12 yr old girl according to this court case and then paid off the victims family over 100 million to not file charges against Trump. Trumps best friend Epstein was with him. Case 5:16-cv-00797-DMG-KS

    4. Yeah but did we forget about all the old folks he killed?.

      Anyways…. Somebody in power has something to gain in going after him on this again. Otherwise, the media would not be talking about it.

    5. Now call for criminal investigations into all red state governors who are actively promoting spread of the disease. Can we say political hit job?

  2. Let’s forget all the seniors dead in New York as a direct result of his failed leadership…you’re telling me he’s a gaslighter!?

    1. How are they dead as a direct result of his “failed” leadership? He took the pandemic from the worst in the world down to the lowest in the nation. Why no responsibility for what family members, staff and administrators did to assure the virus spread throughout those nursing homes? If family members were so concerned about the safety of their loved ones, why didn’t they take them out of those facilities? Too lazy? Let someone else care for my mother so I can still do whatever I please?

    2. @Dom M tell that to Democrats that think their total failures are justified. Who opens a border in the middle of a pandemic? The science following liberals

    3. Experts Warn Of New ‘Cuomo’ Variant That Is Dangerous To Young Women, Fatal To Elderly
      – “This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet,” said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters.

    4. @Jim Jablowme ummm are you high?… No one opened the borders, I think you’ve been hitting that propaganda a lil too hard, if you need help quitting there are treatment options available

  3. For the deniers:
    It’s easy enough to read the entire report; his 11 hours of testimony reinforced, rather than diminished the claims in the work place (additionally found he sexually contacted w/out permission 2 women who didn’t work for him). Retaliatory actions and harassment in the workplace are fireable offenses & subject to civil lawsuit. Demanding a particular State Trooper to work his detail a full year before she would be eligible then engaging in inappropriate comments like “If you were single, the things I would do to you. & So…what do think people say about the size of MY hands?” are things any one of us would lose our jobs EVEN tho most haven’t taken an oath upon employment.
    HOWEVER, the criminal code is very clear that unwanted touching , grabbing, fondling & demands to stop is certainly criminal in nature. Grabbing butts,reaching under shirts to grab breasts, stroking of legs, waist & back, kissing on lips while cornering in private…repeatedly including a Trooper assigned to protect the Governor ALL with over 259 witness corroboration IS exactly what I expect will be SOME of the evidence used EVEN if the sexual assault victim who did not work for Cuomo does not file charges.

    1. Yet fraud, collusion, election tampering, insisting people not mask, distance or get vaccinations is A Okay, right? Amazing how the right can blow trivial things into monumental ones while being totally blind to their own corruption.

    2. @Amy Walker it’s sick you believe 11 women…democrats no less have no right for justice. Life isn’t a tit-for tat, grow up.

  4. Not that sexual harassment isn’t bad enough but why aren’t we all mad about all the people’s lives lost due to his actions as governor?

    1. Actually to be correct, trump tried investigating cuomo and the media threw trump under the bus for it.

      Trump was right, about a great many things

    2. That is such a distortion it isn’t even funny. Why no indignation about how Trump deliberately promoted the bizarre refusal to mask, distance or get vaccination by millions of his followers, his holding events while actively infected and demanding none of his staff use proper infection control protocols like masking or distancing? How about how republicans governors are actively discouraging people from masking or getting vaccinations? Which is worse sweetheart? Such hypocrisy. Pick nits for the other side while celebrating the infestations on your own heads.

    1. @CRIMNALSNEAK You gonna keep talking or post the link?

      See this is why you dirty maga supporters are getting rounded up by the FBI… you sit online threatening kids and claiming to have all this knowledge you can never share…

      You think I support Biden? Good let’s keep it that way. Now put up or shut up. Kid.

      I’ll be happy to come into this comment section on my 9 year old account

  5. This is awful but let not forget about the tens of thousands of elderly that he killed even though he was warned about the outcome,and on top of that wrote a book congratulating himself for it..absolute psychopath

    1. There is no way he wrote that book. If he did, he’s got way too much free time on his hands. Which proves, he does nothing. The question remains: Why is there no lawsuit due to his ignorance? Not one? How strange.

    2. And that bill the New York legislature clapped and whooped during signing…the one where new borns can be killed!

    3. Also don’t forget the ventilators. He huffed and puffed about lack of ventilators and eventually found that there was a big order delivered and eventually found where it was stored.

    1. @Bazooka Joe The Biden administration dropped the charges on this- thats a fact. You are another person that subscribes to narratives yet knows nothing obviously about what you are speaking of. If Trump cured cancer you’d be the type to say he’s to blame for curing cancer. I get it.

    2. @Wild Things
      Orangeman bad, man. Everything in the galaxy is his fault from here to eternity…
      Conversely, any political hack with a D after their name is worthy of a halo. When Biden was installed, the Lincoln Memorial lights repped his arms embracing the world. MSNPC said so.

    3. Fox news viewer for sure. Let’s hear about how the governors of Texas and Florida are killing thousands. Right now Florida has the worst rate of covid of any state in the union and that includes when the pandemic was at its worst last year. De Santis is actively promoting the spread of the disease, while Cuomo did everything in his power to stop it. So Cuomo gets removed for trivial things while the really big offenses go unchecked.

    4. @Amy Walker Really big offenses go unchecked? Like our top highest paid bureaucrat funding gain of function research abroad that potentially (if proven) leaked from a lab and started the pandemic?

  6. I would not resign if I was him. I do hope Democrats replace him in the following election or impeache him but I doubt he will leave willingly.

    1. I don’t think he should resign either. I believe he is totally innocent. I think if he does resign that it will appear that he is guilty and New York will lose a good Governor. If everyone would read the statements by the 11 women that are available online, most of the allegations are pretty lame. i.e., one didn’t like the way he looked at her or an allegation that he touched her waist when taking pictures, really dumb things that to me, are not sexual abuse at all. Candidly, I think AC will talk to his family and decide together with them as far as if he should resign. He’s smart and he is also loyal to New Yorkers as well as the President. I think he respects the President’s encouragement to resign. So, let’s see what tomorrow brings. I hope the mass media frenzy stops. It isn’t right to determine a man’s guilt because of beliefs or even comments by 11 or 20 women. The AG didn’t file any charges against him, therefore, I don’t believe she should have been so gun hoe against him as apparently, she didn’t have enough credible evidence to charge him.

    2. @Barbara Sturgeon he was investigated & 11 women accused him of sexual misconduct. Their was witnesses that could corroborate their stories. He’s up the creek without a paddle

  7. Not to mention all those nursing home elderly and Democrat supporters shrugged their shoulders and said “Well Orange Man Bad.”

    1. *Justice for Tara Reade !*
      2% Kamala: _”I know a predator when I see one”_
      2% Kamala: *_”I believe ALL Biden’s Accusers”_*

    1. We need to make it very clear to separate his personal behavior from his work. The two are not the same.

  8. Really strange huh. His money alone could buy him pretty women who are into vanity, but he decides to be creepy. Or is it both?

    1. How the tables have turned…

      I always knew he was a bully (which media knew back then as well) but I never knew it was _this_ bad. Media failed us at the time but it doesn’t change that HE failed his staff and his constituents, most of all. Get Cuomo out of here.

  9. Hard to take her seriously! She should of picked a media company that’s not in his pocket! What’s not being acknowledged?

  10. Oh stop, MSNBC you are his biggest defender, you supported the man, even when accusations existed. Start listening to women, you even preach about it everyday.

  11. “I didn’t touch you…Trump touched you…” – Cuomo
    “Our anonymous sources confirm…This is FACT…” – MSNBC

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